UKSHA shot site seminar


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Just a quick post to thank George, Wayne and the BDS NE Scotland team for putting together a really good shot site seminar at Strathdon this Sunday gone. Great presentations from Joachim Schweizer and German Kälberer and a great opportunity during the day to learn more about training and maintaining the tracking ability of dogs/hounds (it never stops). The shot site analysis is a must for everyone to practice and needs to be bedded into UK deer qualifications.

A couple of us at Strathdon last Sunday also had the opportunity to pick the brains of experienced Danish trackers the weekend before down in sunny Hampshire and what was striking were the similar pieces of advice to given from experienced guys that track hundreds of testing deer & boar year after year. Shot site analysis is key and from a tracking team perspective the development and maintenance of a positive, trusting bond with you dog or hound is essential.

Advice from these guys is so valuable if we are to improve recovery and the welfare of wild deer (even us foresters think so).



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It really was a great day. Being new to stalking I learned a LOT that's for sure! Thanks to all who made the day happen.

As an added bonus it was great to "get home again", I grew up in Strathdon and used to beat for John the host. :lol: