West Coast Himalayan Tahr


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Well done, great country and stunning scenery. A young mans sport, the highlands of Scotland are just about my limit these days with my dodgy knees. Are you having the Thar mounted, they make great mounts?
You would be surprised, we met some older guys out here hunting, however, with that age comes the wisdom of not running after every single animal you see!


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Hoy back to ****ing school for you lad!

Victoria,yes little Victoria ALONE has 18 MILLION acres of public land for deer hunting
Oh yes it will cost you fifty bucks a years to hunt it though!
Just a quick derail
Like Josh I thought the same, in fact I read as much last night on the Rock Slide forum.
Is it similar for all the states or is Victoria special?


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Nice write up and pictures.
I hope to get to Nz myself next year. Have you got any contactsuggestions you could share?