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  1. Free Stalk for EX or Serving Military

    Many years ago as a young squaddy in Germany 1975 to be exact,it was my leaving do from the regiment and I was going back to England to do the White Helmets selection course.About 3am we had ended up in some den of iniquity to carry on drinking.I was chatting up this delightful young lady(very...
  2. Ratting with the Dogs

    Thanks for a good afternoon Tim my turn to get the McDonald's next time
  3. Toodleoo

    Come on if it happened with Andrew She was 17 and old enough to say yes or no. Not exactly a kiddy.
  4. If we had to go to war

    46 years ago I swore an oath of allegiance.It had no expiry date.It still applies.
  5. Pard 007 / 008

    Says who
  6. Your three favourite food items are?

    1)Snowcrab or kingcrab claws dipped in a lemon and melted butter dip. 2)Compo sausage and egg banjo when you haven't eaten for 24 hours. 3)An ice cold 2litre Stein of Bavarian beer and a Jaegerschnitzel and all the trimmings when you have just hiked up to The Eagles Nest on a hot day in July..
  7. For Sale: Sabatti 243

    Still for sale
  8. For Sale: RWS 89 243

    Wiltshire mate
  9. For Sale: RWS 89 243

    Still for sale
  10. Brussels Sprouts Anyone??

    You should be able to mash them with a fork when they are cooked.Otherwise all they are good for is catapult ammunition.
  11. Puppy prices;

    Folk whine about paying a £1000 for a dog but will happily pay 5 grand for a rifle or 3 thousand for a scope..Strange people.
  12. Zac Goldsmith

    And this slimy French scumbag French President Emmanuel Macron today pleaded with Britain not to be an 'unfair competitor' against the EU after Brexit. He said: 'My hope is that the United Kingdom remains an ally, a friend and an extremely close partner. The condition is to define the rules of...
  13. A voting reminder

    You will be happy with today's vote then
  14. Is Venison going the same way as our game birds?

    Yes at £33.74 a kilo.£54 for a rack of new Zealand farmed venison.
  15. Negligent or accidental discharge fear

    Of course winters were colder then we wore long John's too