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  1. Sold: 2018 Argocat Avenger

    For sale due to lack of use: 2018 Argocat Avenger Top spec, Deer tray, Bead lock rims, Bilge pump, Brake cooling fans, rollover cage, front canopy. Supplied new to us last year at £23-24k plus vat. Has done 20 hours or less (will check) and has had its first service completed by Aird motors...
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    Larder work looks tidy, good to see.
  3. Swarovski DS

    Great thanks, I bought a digital micrometre but still not happy I have the centre bore measurement correct, I'm told this is not a huge factor, I've messed about with it a bit and seems not bad but one always hopes for more lol
  4. Swarovski DS

    Did you have any issues setting up ? There was a bit of trial and error with mine!
  5. Swarovski DS

    Mine's been performing well out to about 465m and in my view the light gathering is incredible.
  6. Price per Acre

    I'd agree with a lot of what's been said, we buy and bid on sporting land all the time and it varies massively on location, species of deer and you can be sure there will normally be someone willing to pay more!
  7. Available: Syndicate places Grampian/Highland/Lochaber Available

    Hi All, We have 37 sites currently under sporting syndicate, places available now and then at renewals, prices vary from £500 to £5000 per gun and sites vary from 250 acres to 10000+ RED, ROE & SIKA We sold 12 guns las week on 7 new sites and have new sites pending in the next two weeks...
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