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  1. Renewal letter

    I renewed 2 years early at the FLDs request, in order to help with their FAC remained valid during the 6 odd months it took to go through .
  2. Breech pressure?

    the old fashioned way
  3. Pigeon Shooting

  4. The trophy surfboard.

    "we're going to need a bigger board " :rofl:
  5. Viht N140. Different density between two batches?

    thats absolutely fine, you have compared the info, you have tested the load (you aren't trying to squeeze the absolute max out of it) so all is good and safe, thats the way forward IMHO , use the bullet manufacturers load if it compares well with Vhits loads for similar and work up :thumb:
  6. Viht N140. Different density between two batches?

    Because they may not be up to date with the changes in vhits formula ? Bullet makers data is useful but the powder makers is most likely to be up to date.
  7. Freezer Smell

    Bicarbonate of soda dissolved in warm water, spray it on and let it dry
  8. Did not see that coming...

    From 3 years ago, theres more now! Reading's Red Kite population soars on scraps
  9. Did not see that coming...

    We live in the edge of town nothing unusual to see 20-30 of them and more at "feeding time " when the local idiots put food out for them !
  10. Troubleshoot with Howa 1500

    but the fact is they do work straight from the factory ! if you go out of your way to make them fail they will, but those of us who actually shoot the darn things have found them to be accurate from the box, thats not to say that you can't improve them, but at the end of the day if you cheap out...
  11. Well thats a new one !

    and each pistol leaves different marks after a couple of hundred rounds are fired, and there after every few hundred rounds :p
  12. 308 vs 30.06

    that was my mate as well :p I filmed his earlier match with his 2 groove Enfield :cool:
  13. Identify deer using scope

    the OP pointed out he uses a 6X scope, and asked if a higher/variable scope with higher mag than his binos would be beneficial for final decision making, at no point did he mention scanning the horizon with a loaded rifle, I believe that was added by later posters, as to safely assessing...
  14. 308 vs 30.06

    if you forget the US use, then Malaysia, Northern Ireland, the Falklands,Vietnam, The first Gulf war (and probably the second) Afghanistan, Rhodesia, generally in various bush wars and insurgencies, and as many other Historical conflicts as you could manage to research!
  15. 308 vs 30.06

    a friend got one, he loves it, it has had to go back for a set of new sight, which he is less than impressed about as the new set solve some problems and insert new problems, overall he is a happy bunny, but whoa! it was spendy to buy !