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  1. Thames Valley Police - not issuing FACs

    not sure why Covid19 should be an excuse to stop issuing new FAC's, I go into 3-5 houses a day to do my job, I couldnt do my job otherwise! obviously if someone is Covid positive then that is a different subject, however it was my understanding the the majority of people who didn't have to go...
  2. And so it begins, anyone know where I can get some Sierra 2155??

    buy them from the range office at Bisley, I just bought 200, mind you they come loaded in a cartridge and you have to sign a disclaimer, but at the price not worth reloading :p
  3. The Doghouse meet. Oxfordshire.

    Just a week so back for november
  4. The Doghouse meet. Oxfordshire.

    as long as its not in the next 2 weeks I would go (not sure about the "high quality merchandise" :p )
  5. Minimum Barrel length for .223

    just got drawn to this old thread by the notifications, I am in Switzerland in a couple of weeks, no naughty switch but lots of STG57's and 90's to play with :D
  6. Military Rifles

    not so the PPU brass we get is 7.5x55, from memory the .284 wasn't a perfect replacement as the rim size was far enough out to occasionally cause issues with extraction ( I believe it was a .308 boltface? ) the brass we get here extracts perfectly every time , and thinking sensibly why would...
  7. Military Rifles

    I use PPU brass and RL17 with the PPU 174grn bullet from Kranks, shoots well to 600yrds (or 1000 although I tend to use GP11 at 1000 because I can :cool:) for gallery rounds cast lead 150grn with unique gives me between 1400 and 1700 fps with no issues .
  8. Howa .308 /6.5x55

    currently running 3 Howas 2 in .308 all sub MOA as long as I do my bit
  9. Anybody else ride motorcycles? Post them here.

    the RT in the background was mine for 10 years as well 👍
  10. Anybody else ride motorcycles? Post them here.

    and bought this, please God let us tour like we used to
  11. Anybody else ride motorcycles? Post them here.

    just sold this
  12. How much abuse can a rifle take and be brought back to life.

    Marks a character! theres a lot of his videos out there, showing renovation of old abused firearms, always a good way to waste an evening :p
  13. 55gr@ 3910fps

    Nope just turned the insides to soup
  14. 55gr@ 3910fps

    a friend uses similar weight bullets through his .243 on fox, and at 25yds very rarely gets a pass through! so ideal for that purpose
  15. Unwanted visitor?

    got hit by one a couple of weeks ago whilst moving stuff in the garden, didnt realise it had bitten me until a big lump appeared on my arm, see quite a few of them around here, especially in gas meter boxes