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  1. THE auction .243

    What a shame especially as the Stutzen stock is no longer - is there any redress against the courier or was the damage perhaps covered by insurance?
  2. Rfd prices

    Just paid £30 for transfer from firearms dealer in Durham to my RFD in Bath. Did not think it excessive.
  3. Wanted: Optilock bases for 11mm dovetail

    Optilock blued bases needed for Sako Finnfire (.22 rimfire) - Also 30mm low/extra low Optilock rings
  4. A Sad Day!

    Become a Supporter and win a set of sticks in the monthly draw - mind you if successful I suspect Stalker 1962 would have a fit !!
  5. 30-50 watt tube geaters in gun safe?

    I have two Lockdown heater tubes (one in each cabinet) - this after suffering severe corrosion when a dessicant humidifier bag leaked (it had two sections, one for the dessicant and the second lower one to hold the fluid) - the fluid produced was far more corrosive than mere damp! 4 rifles were...
  6. Avon and Somerset variation

    Yes but kept a copy and also copies the application and of the accompanying letter (habit from before I retired). Also ensured that I had sufficient supplies of ammunition etc so I wouldn't run out before variation completed. In fact the FAC was signed exactly 1 month from the date I posted the...
  7. Avon and Somerset variation

    Quite quick turnaround bearing shortage of staff due to Covid. - Variation application posted 30th November and varied FAC received today. Congratulations to Avon and Somerset and thank you
  8. Avon and Somerset renewals

    A shout for Avon and Somerset Firearms - application for variation posted on 30/11/21 and renewed FAC delivered today (5/1/22) - not bad considering Covid and reduced staff. Many thanks A&S.
  9. Wanted: Optilock or Burris Signature rings/bases

    Optilock bases to fit 11mm dovetail with 30mm rings OR Burris Signature 30mm rings to fit 11mm dovetail -(to fit .22 LR Sako Finnfire) .
  10. Application for new rifle.

    I have just (3 weeks ago) paid a fee of £20 to Avon and Somerset for a 1 4 1 variation so if you are correct it seems I may have misread their fee instructions - Havn't yet had a bank statement to see if the cheque has been cashed.
  11. Unbelievable Rubbish from the " transport minister "

    Should be a great vote loser if publicized enough !
  12. Mould on gun stocks in cabinets?

    I should have added that for the last ten or more years I have used low capacity heated bars within the cabinets and have had no problems .
  13. Mould on gun stocks in cabinets?

    I am not a fan of the silica gel bags - mine had a second section within the bag which was designed to collect the moisture - that section developed a leak and the resulting liquid dripped onto a number of my guns which then required reblueing (in one case a new barrel) - the liquid was far more...
  14. fat moderator

    One thing I found with a "fat" moderator (Freyr & Devik in my case) is that it can interfere with the sight picture if using a scope with a large objective lens. Best if he can try a few alternatives if possible.
  15. Knee jerk Patel is at it again.

    Agreed they are difficult to conceal but they can be very powerful and because of the weight of the bolts the "power" in foot/lbs (even at 100 yard range) often exceeds that of, say, a 180 grain 308 bullet.