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BRACES of Bristol - Dark Fox Package, Mauser M12, LIEMKE Thermal Scope, Wildcat Mod
  1. The future is electric

    The same old ill-informed anti-EV propaganda being regurgitated. Likewise the hydrogen for personal vehicles dead-horse-flogging continues. Hydrogen may have a role in future energy storage but it won't be for cars. Google "hydrogen ladder" and read around the subject if you are interested in...
  2. Are Riflescopes Built to True Zero?

    I think you have realised that most respondents do not understand the question you are asking. Scope manufacturers do not, as a rule, "build-in" some elevation for drop; the reticle has a range of travel (usually quoted in the spec of the scope) and it's up to the user to decide how that is...
  3. For Sale: MTM Deluxe Ammunition Boxes

    This Please: 1 x 50 for large cal such as 45-70
  4. Wanted: Vortex Strike Eagle 1-8x24

    I have a brand new, in box, never used/mounted 1-6x24 version.
  5. Interesting humane shot

    Yep- still ran 50yds with a reasonably placed chest shot and an unremarkable exit wound (with FMJ.)
  6. Interesting humane shot

    I agree about the effects of an impact but that’s entirely different to a miss causing an effect. This shockwave miss-myth has been thoroughly debunked by Demo ranch and Mythbusters.
  7. Looking for a new head torch

    Currently giving 50% discount if you enter FIFTYOFF at checkout (you have to press return after entering code for it to apply.)
  8. My first deer with 6mm Yew Tree 80.5gr non-toxic/copper

    I normally use (Marmite) 95gr SST homeloads in my 243Win, though I've previously had satisfactory results with 100gr Prohunter, Gameking and Speer BTSP. These latter bullets often didn't exit on larger fallow bucks, with separation of cup and core being common, though they did kill well enough...
  9. .17 Hornet reloading.

    I used Lil Gun and got pressure signs at the starting load using Hodgdon's website data! I still use it for the 20gr V max, with BR4 primers. Lovex DO63 (previously the same exact powder as AA1680, though now made separately) produces surprising velocities with 25gr Vmax.
  10. Mushroom haul this afternoon

    Enjoying a glut of fungi here, too. Aside from enjoying them fried in a little butter, I made 3.5L of mushroom and miso soup with last week's haul: Tastes better than it looks! Just been out again and there were even more (mainly parasols, common puffball and field mushrooms) No...
  11. 243 for red hinds

    100gr Prohunter or Gameking with N160. Both shoot well in my factory (1:20) twist Tikka T3. Being a flat base, and thus shorter for weight, the Prohunter stabilises more easily.
  12. Show us your sunsets.

    That looks familiar!
  13. Show us your sunsets.

    Excess of sunset pics then: Wife and daughter bridging: My Dad, my son and the late, great dog Daughter flouting Health and Safety