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BRACES of Bristol - Mauser M12 with Schmidt & Bender 2.5-10x56 Illuminated Scope
  1. For Sale: MDT ORYX CHASSIS tikka T3

    Hi Tuck, Can the cheek piece be adjusted without tools and if not, what is needed? Can the rifle's bolt be removed without dropping the Cheekpiece? Does it come with a mag? Is the spigot removable? Thanks.
  2. Burris xtr scope rings

    Quite the opposite (a bit like optiloks in that respect), unless you don't use the inserts correctly.
  3. Burris xtr scope rings

    I have multiple sets: use them on 243Win, 308Win, 6.5x47Lap, 284Win and 45-70Govt. In some cases, with a 20moa rail. They work well but return-to-zero after removal and refitting is not to be relied on (is it ever?) and make sure you use correct torque. It goes without saying that you have to...
  4. Scope mounts too high..?

    If you plan on shooting long range, pay special attention to avoiding cant if your scope is mounted high.
  5. Powder for 17 Hornet

    Did you look for DO63? It used to be identical to AA1680 (both made by Explosia) and the tubs I've got even have labels stating it's the same stuff. I use it with 25gr bullets (surprising velocities, without killing brass.) I tried H322 but didn't get the accuracy or velocity of DO63 or Lil...
  6. Sold: Berger 17 calibre 25g bullets - boxes of 200 bullets

    I'd like a box please
  7. Sold: 30mm QD cantilever mount (picatinny)

    Thanks buddy, I think I'm sorted now.
  8. Sold: 30mm QD cantilever mount (picatinny)

    Wanted: 30mm QD cantilever mount (picatinny) What have you? Thanks.
  9. arm chair tug boat captains

    As a Dr, I've yet to see a canal blockage that can't be shifted with a litre of bowel prep, a pair of nitrile gloves and a nurse with small hands.
  10. Seating depth affecting sd and Es

    So true. I guess he could do a (statistical) power calculation and use it to determine how many groups he needs to shoot to detect a statistically significant difference between load recipes but personally I don't have the time to do this or the multiple shoots to try it!
  11. Seating depth affecting sd and Es

    I think you're identified the trap that many fall into: excessive development and change. This produces a lot of data, but usually of poor quality (see statistical significance, above in this thread and in the Precision rifle blog that Ben linked.) Don't forget that the throat erodes during...
  12. .243 v .308 debate! American video!

    I don't have a dog in the fight (I use both chamberings) but I do have an opinion about that video: what a load of w**k.
  13. .204 sound mod.

    I doubt you'd notice even if there is. The Evo is a more modern design but the P12 us bigger. For the small powder charge of the 204Ruger, I doubt the extra space in the P12 will make much difference. Educated guess.
  14. Lil'Gun in 17 Hornet

    9.1gr was ok for the 20gr Vmax in my rifle. I was over pressure at Hodgdon's start load (triple-weighed: two digital, one beam), same COAL, primer etc.
  15. .204 sound mod.

    I'm happy with the Wildcat Evo on my 204Ruger. Quiet, easily strippable and the modular design allows easy thread/calibre changes (FAC allowing). British company, too.
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