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Thread: Chris Packham

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    Chris Packham

    Despite no longer being a member, the Countryside Alliance send me news bulletins by email. This morning's reported that Chris Packham (Spring/Autumn Watch presenter) had spoken in support of deer (and elephant) culling in an interview with Radio Times. Can't imagine Bill Oddie doing that.......

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    CP comes across as more of a realist, always liked him on telly.

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    makes you think he might just be boardering on becoming a hunter, shooter he might be dipping his toes in the water to see what respnce he gets !!!! as for bill oddie were could we send him on a one way ticket !!!!

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    Mentioned this before. Took the kids to Monmouth Savoy Theatre to see his talk once, and he explained to the 'assembled' the 'difficulties' farmers had with brock and deer and how the public should try to empathise with the farmer on these 'issues' and appreciate the hard graft that goes into making the countryside the place we all enjoy. That it took time and energy, not always paid, and we shouldn't expect a themepark when we choose to visit. How we should do more to support the farmer by buying the local produce as this is how they make a living.
    Also heard him on the radio once discussing the Panda with a panel of experts, he caused a prolonged silence by saying , 'we should not be wasting time ,money and resources trying to save it, as it was to late for Panda. Its time had in fact come, and there were more worthwhile causes we should be concentrating on '. Or something like that.

    I remember thinking, a man with his feet on the ground realistically considering conservation and what we could achieve .
    Must say his talk was really good.

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    If Packham is not careful, he will be unemployable with the left wing luvvies. Look what happened to David Bellamy when he expressed support for field sports and the conservation work linked to this.

    Packham last year made reference to 300,000 deer being culled in the UK annually, you could see his co-presenters were visably taken aback.#

    He made the Panda comments some years ago.

    Just because you are paranoid, doesn't mean they aren't out to get you......

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    Possibly, but its not unheard of for people who know about wildlife to support sustainable resource use. Well done Chris! I remember Cynthia Moss (famous elephant researcher at Amboselli) also speaking out in support of elephant culling, but just not of hunting large tusked elephants that were used to humans having lived in parks al their lives...

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    lets just hope he doesnt get sacked as we can do with more people like him who have a full understanding of how the countryside needs looking after


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    Well, I'd certainly offer the man a days stalking and he gets my vote.

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    perhaps like Jim Barrington, Chris is becoming more enlightened as he gains a greater knowledge of rural issues

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    Quote Originally Posted by paul at barony View Post
    Well, I'd certainly offer the man a days stalking and he gets my vote.
    How much do you charge for Elephant stalking??
    "He who kills sow with piglets empties the forest of boar" My neighbours dad on new years eve 2011.

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