1. For Sale: Leaving the sport sale guys

    Decided it’s time to change hobby’s looking to get into archery so I have a few guns up for sale Howa 1500 in 223 with digex c50 only a year old and been out in the field 5 times excellent scope grs stock few knocks here and there over all great foxing rifle £1000 inc mod bipod sling Deposit...
  2. For Sale: Hatsan Optima Silver Synthetic 12G O/U - £325.00

    Hi! Here is my listing for a Hatsan Optima Silver Synthetic 12G Over Under. Only used at clays periodically and still has tight action! Don't see these for sale often so thought someone else may be after one rather than sitting in my cabinet! Reasonably priced at £325 with 5 chokes...
  3. Sold: Lanber 12g O/U M/C £200

    £200 For sale as the barrel is too short for me at 28" (well that's my excuse for missing a lot last season anyway). These guns are bombproof and I've never had the slightest issue. It's very clean overall just one little mark on the stock which is barely noticeable. Comes with full set of...
  4. Wanted: Hard case for Benelli M2

    Hi, Just wondering if anyone has for sale a hard/technopolymer case for my Benelli M2 Comfortech 2+1 Black 12G? (Will need it shipped to Southern Ireland). Thanks and regards, GR.