222 rem

  1. O

    Wanted: .222 dies

    As above - does anyone have a set of 222 dies for sale? Many thanks - Oager
  2. dmouland

    Swap: Viht N140

    I have a full 1kg tub of Viht n140. Would like to swap for some .222 rounds ideally. Anyone looking to trade in East Sussex? I'm based nr Brighton.
  3. dmouland

    Sold: .222 rifle

    I'm just waiting on my variation to come back with my .222 rifle and mod slots. Could be a few weeks or a month or two. I'm looking for an RFD with a reasonably priced threaded (1/2 x 20 UNF) rifle or rifle with moderator fitted. Or someone with such a rifle in the Sussex area. Will consider...
  4. MikeZZZ

    For Sale: NEW. RCBS FL Die Set .222 REM (P/N 10901 Group A Dies)

    I have a RCBS FL Die Set .222 REM (P/N 10901 Group A Dies) for sale. This is BRAND NEW, never used. There is a F/L sizing/decapping die and a seating die in a green plastic die holder box. £37.00 inc postage.
  5. 6

    Remington 700 bdl

    hello there, I have just be given a Remington 700 bdl heavy barrel in 222 , and was just wondering could i get it screw cut for a can and get a comp crown cut and also get the barrel fluted to make it lighter? and if so how much would it cost roughly? any help would be grateful and also if any...