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  1. Steyr Mann - 222 twist rate

    Hi all, so I have a question someone might be able to help me with. I have a 1989 Steyr 222 varmint, and enquired direct with Steyr about the twist rate. Apparently it is a 1:9 twist, or 1 in 228.6mm. I thought this was pretty high given the 222 cal and ask to double check but they say it was...
  2. Remington Model 725 triple deuce

    Evening all, I inherited a Remington Model 725 in 222 from my grandfather some years ago. He was given it by his crew when his posting ended on an HMS and, I believe, it was a little customised. He has used it all around the world and I have some exotic antlers from his exploits. I have not had...
  3. 222 rem reloading

    Hi I am trying to work out costs of reloading for the. 222 rem I currently don't have any scales for measuring powder I'm just using a wee Lee scoop I got with a kit, can anybody tell me the average number of rounds that can be reloaded from a 1lb tub of powder so I can work out how much each...
  4. Sold: NEW. RCBS FL Die Set .222 REM (P/N 10901 Group A Dies)

    I have a RCBS FL Die Set .222 REM (P/N 10901 Group A Dies) for sale. This is BRAND NEW, never used. There is a F/L sizing/decapping die and a seating die in a green plastic die holder box. £37.00 inc postage.
  5. Remington 700 bdl

    hello there, I have just be given a Remington 700 bdl heavy barrel in 222 , and was just wondering could i get it screw cut for a can and get a comp crown cut and also get the barrel fluted to make it lighter? and if so how much would it cost roughly? any help would be grateful and also if any...
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