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  1. For Sale: NEW NORMA BRASS .223R £57.50 .204 RUGER £75.00 ALL PER 100 POSTAGE £6.00

    NEW NORMA BRASS .223 £57.50 .204 £75.00 ALL PER 100 Postage £6.00 01862892171
  2. Sold: .223 reloading clearout

    Hi. Sold my .223 so need to get rid of my reloading bits. I have for sale (P&P included in all prices): 50 x Lapua match brass new boxed + 21 3 times fired. £25 167 x Vmax 55gr. £30 45x Sierra Blitzking 40gr + 32 Sierra GK SP 55gr. £10 Redding Body Die, Redding FL sizing die, Lee bullet seating...
  3. For Sale: 75gn Hornady Amax .223 (moly coated)

    200 x 75gn Hornady Amax (Moly) £20 per 100 + £2 P+P Please PM for any questions.
  4. Sold: Bullet sale 223, 308, 8mm

    Having a clear out as I seem to have loads of bullets. *******HAVE MOVED THE UNSOLD BULLETS TO INDIVIDUAL LISTINGS****** 82 x 150gn Sierra pro hunter round nose with cannelure £20 + £3 P+P. (Not boxed from bulk pack) NOW SOLD PM me for more info or photos. Happy for them to be collected from...
  5. Sold: Bullets; Varmint Grenades .223 50grn

    As title, I have some 50grn Varmint Grenade 50grn .223 bullets looking for a new home. 27 in total; 17 are new and 10 have been disassembled from loaded rounds using a kinetic hammer. I recently bought these on this site from a wonderful chap. However, these bullets will not stabilise in the...
  6. Sold: .223 dies

    I'm looking for some .223 Rem reloading dies. Ideally RCBS or Redding. Looking for sizer, neck and seater ideally. Please PM me if you have something that may suite. Thanks, Rupert
  7. Sold: Lee .243 dies swap for .223?

    As title, I have a set of 2 Lee dies for .243 Win which I'd like to swap for .223 Rem if anyone has any. These dies are not new, but are in good condition. I have not used them, but they appear to be good. No box though. If interested please PM me. If you have some .223 dies but don't wish to...
  8. .223 Enough gun for Roe ?

    Whilst its legal for Roe do you think it`s up to the job? Ive got a slot for one and unsure whether I`ll be happy with it .
  9. Intro

    Mostly rough shooting up till now bunnies, fox, pigeon etc. using .17hmr & .22lr 12 gauge. Looking to try something new and now have both .223 & .243 added to my ticket but yet to fill, any advice welcome. Cheers.
  10. New here, be nice

    Hello there everyone, I'm Kyle, 29 from North Ayrshire in Scotland. I was brought up in the world of shooting by my dad and still stalk with him and my younger brother, we have (in my opinion) some of the best roe shooting in the country. It's all roe I shoot as we must be the only part of...
  11. Tikka T3 1-8 twist or 1-12 twist

    hi People I am going buy myself a T3 .223 that I will be using for Fox Geese and Target, I have been told by a good friend who is well into all this that I need to get a T3 with a 24" barrel with a 1-8 twist, (he has a 24" 1-8) So after spending a morning on the phone to all the RFD in...
  12. Howa 1500 .223 Laminated

    Hey guys, Looking at getting a Howa 1500 in .223 just wondering if anyone has one and whats their view is on it? Cheers Rhys
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