1. For Sale: Tikka T3 .223 Blued Synthetic 1-8

    Tikka T3 Cal - .223 Twist - 1-8 Round Count - 150 from new - One owner Magazine - 1 Rail - Contessa Rings - TBC Moderator - ATEC Maxim <6.5 cal Condition - Excellent Care - Cleaned Religiously Since Birth £625 ono Riton Conquer X7 HD/ED (Special Edition - Japan) Mag - 3-18 Zero Stop OBJ...
  2. Wanted: CZ 527 .223 Varmint

    CZ 527 .223 Varmint wanted
  3. Wanted: CZ 527 .223 Stock Kevlar

    Looking for a Kevlar stock for a CZ 527 .223. Please contact me if you have one for sale.
  4. For Sale: MDT AICS Magazines Metal / Polymer

    2 x MDT Polymer .223 10 Round £25 each 1 x MDT Polymer Gen 2 .308 10 Round £30 1 x MDT Metal Mag + Extender .308 12 Round £50 Also have: 3 x Accurate Mag .300wsm / 6.5PRC Metal Mag 7 Round £60 each 4 x CZ 457 .17hmr / wmr 10 Round magzine £25 each
  5. Introduction

    Hi, I've been interested in deer for circa 4 years, I find them intriguing, their size, senses, ilussiveness, rutting behaviour. My interest was triggered when taking long walks early morning before work in and around Epping Forest during COVID lockdowns. Living in London my entire life, it...
  6. Sold: 223 Redding Competition Bushing Neck Die £55

    Evening. Virtually unused, part of 2 competition sets I have - either 5 or 10 years old (can't remember which version of the micrometer is the oldest). Done about 100 rounds max then bought 2nd 223 and abandoned neck sizing - too much hassle keeping track of which brass belongs to which rifle...
  7. Sold: MAE Mod T Series - .22 Centrefire - off my Bradley Arms .223

    Hi, I have a MAE T Series Extreme Bushless .22 Centre Moderator in Black available for sale. It came with my Bradley Arms .223 but it's hardly been used. I've put around 100 rounds through it. RFD informed me of make and model and believe the thread size to be 1/2" x 28 UNEF. RRP at £309.00...
  8. For Sale: New Price Remington .223 700 SPS Synthetic £475 (24 inch Barrel)

    Hi Rifle is good condition please see below link. Happy to send over more photo's via Whats'app if you get in touch. Remington .223 700 SPS Synthetic Bolt Action Second Hand Bolt for sale. Buy for £550. Best wishes Sean
  9. For Sale: Blaser R8 Prof (.223) c/w Swaro Z6i P-SR BT (2.5-15x56), Blaser Mount, Hausken Mod.

    For Sale: Blaser R8 Professional in 223. Hausken Moderator. Blaser Magnetic Bi-Pod. Comes with Blaser Fiber Strap. Custom Loaded .223 available. Fired approx 240 shots. Swarovski Z6i in 2.5 - 15 x 56. SR (Swarovski Rail model) with BT Ballistic Turret and P Parallax adjustment. Comes with...
  10. Sold: AI AICS .223 Rem. 10rd.

    Genuine AI, no cheap copy. As new, not a single scratch. Not a spec of dirt or rust on the spring. These polymer mags are bombproof, and I believe, discontinued. I've sold the SA AICS stock it came out of so needs to go. Looking for £55 delivered
  11. Sold: RWS 222 REM CASES 200 PACK ONLY £60.00 2 PACKS LEFT

  12. For Sale: NEW NORMA BRASS .223R £57.50 .204 RUGER £75.00 ALL PER 100 POSTAGE £6.00

    NEW NORMA BRASS .223 £57.50 .204 £75.00 ALL PER 100 Postage £6.00 01862892171
  13. .223 Enough gun for Roe ?

    Whilst its legal for Roe do you think it`s up to the job? Ive got a slot for one and unsure whether I`ll be happy with it .
  14. Intro

    Mostly rough shooting up till now bunnies, fox, pigeon etc. using .17hmr & .22lr 12 gauge. Looking to try something new and now have both .223 & .243 added to my ticket but yet to fill, any advice welcome. Cheers.
  15. New here, be nice

    Hello there everyone, I'm Kyle, 29 from North Ayrshire in Scotland. I was brought up in the world of shooting by my dad and still stalk with him and my younger brother, we have (in my opinion) some of the best roe shooting in the country. It's all roe I shoot as we must be the only part of...
  16. Tikka T3 1-8 twist or 1-12 twist

    hi People I am going buy myself a T3 .223 that I will be using for Fox Geese and Target, I have been told by a good friend who is well into all this that I need to get a T3 with a 24" barrel with a 1-8 twist, (he has a 24" 1-8) So after spending a morning on the phone to all the RFD in...
  17. Howa 1500 .223 Laminated

    Hey guys, Looking at getting a Howa 1500 in .223 just wondering if anyone has one and whats their view is on it? Cheers Rhys