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  1. Introduction

    Hi my names Griff I have been shooting from a young age and I have joined this site as it was recommend by a friend of mine I’m looking to get into deer stalking and do the relevant courses when possible. I’m from the midlands and I currently have a tikka .243 and a 22LR for rabbits squirrels...
  2. . 22lr zero range

    What is your zero range for your 22lr? Mine is currently 100 yards, using eley hv but I'm thinking of changing it to 75 yards and sub sonic as the last time I zerod it I din't have the 17 so I had to push the wee 22 a bit further. Now as I have the 17hmr she can do the longer work.
  3. For Sale: Marlin 795 semiauto 22lr

    An excellent, fast, accurate, light and fun little gun. Ideal bunny basher or great for fast steel or target shooting. This rifle comes with 3x 7round mags and a stainless steel pepper pot style muzzle break (not pictured) 1/2 unf thread. This is my second Marlin 795, I am keeping the...
  4. Wanted: R93 22LR Barrel

    Hi there, I'm keeping my eye out for a 22lr barrel for an R93. If you know of one for sale or know anyone who might be willing to part with theirs please let me know. Many thanks Matthew
  5. Wanted: Finnish Lion 22lr Target Rifle

    As the title - WANTED Finnish Lion 22lr Target Rifle - PM me if you have one or seen one for sale
  6. For Sale: Sako 94 in 22LR

    **SOLD** Sako P94S 22LR Heavy barrel 5 and 10 round magazine Nice figured wood SAK moderator Leupold VX-III 6.5-20 x 50 with Leupold covers and a varmint reticle Harris bipod Neoprene Sling Aim cheek bag Nice quiet little rabbit gun that is no longer used (£800) SOLD
  7. Sold: Anschutz Match 54 .22LR Target rifle

    Just letting you all know, I have an Anschutz Match 54 rifle for sale on Guntrader. In excellent shape with good sights etc. I'm selling as my local club closed a while ago and the new place doesn't do prone, so it has to find a new home and clear a space on my ticket for something I will use.
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