1. paulbshooting

    300 win mag lighter moderator

    Any 300 win mag users recommend a lightweight moderator? Currently got and use an ASE SL7i, which is great but 602 grams on the end of a long barrel effects the balance. Tried all sorts of rifle slings including back pack twin sling, but with the mod the rifle wants to keep pivoting. For my...
  2. paulbshooting

    300 win mag brass - recommendations please.

    Hello Developing a load for 300WM. Been using the few once fired Federals I have but sorting through my once fired Sako brass, most have the same mark / defect / impression in the case wall. Both the Fed and Sako were shot through the same rifle, Sako brass all from same batch. Just in case...
  3. paulbshooting

    Ideas on 300 win mag rifle

    Evening all I seem to be going in circles so ideas welcome please. I am after a 300 win mag rifle, mainly for trips to Scotland and hopefully overseas at some point. I prefer fluted barrels and synthetic stainless build. I am a 308 user but thinking about a mid weight rifle for win mag to...