Leica Amplus 6
  1. The Australian .303 Wildcats (.22,.243,.25,.27-303, etc)

    A phenomenon many on here may never of heard of, but I'm sure our brethren in the Southern Hemisphere will have, especially due to their undying love for Lee-Enfields! Import restrictions in post-war Australia meant sporting rifles and their respective cartridges were not readily attainable...
  2. Lee Enfield Deer Stalking - No4 Mk2 vs No5 Mk1

    Good Afternoon All, Im very much the Lee Enfield Rifle nerd.... I have a couple of No4 Mk2 rifles (one of which is unfired with cosmo in action) and a No5 Mk1 aka the Jungle carbine. I am considering setting up a LE for woodland stalking in East Anglia where I live. I can shoot both rifles...
  3. Civilian Service Rifle

    Looking a bit of info from the old and the bold amongst us.. Has anyone on here shot CSR particularly the rural match if so what is the break down of the shoots Ammunition required Additional should and must have correct military zeroing procedure for a no4 mk2 with the vernier type...
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