1. Wanted: No-Go Headspace Gauge or Guage Set in 6.5 CM Creedmoor and 338 Lapua & maybe Ammunition

    Hi does anyone have either a decent quality and decent condition 6.5CM or a 338 Lapua NO GO headspace gauge they don't need any more? Happy to buy a set of GO & NO GO at a sensible price but no need for just a GO gauge on its own as I'm shooting factory Please PM me if you have something...
  2. Sold: Factory .308 Ammunition Clearance at Giveaway Price!

    All new boxed: - Sako 123 gr x 6 rounds The following all 150 gr: - Lapua x 46 Winchester x 30 Federal x 10 Sako Super Hammerhead x 40 FAC regulations demand inter RFD transfer as in storage with Dylan Owen RFD, Conwy Valley Guns Llanrwst 07786 860340 or email
  3. 223 sako 85

    I have been using Norma 50g vmax rounds for my sako 85 223 which has worked well. However I can’t seem to get them anymore and looking for an alternative? Any one else had this problem? Anyone else have a sako 85 223 and have really good results with a particular factory load? Thanks 🙏🏼
  4. Hello all

    Hi there, I've noticed a few threads on google regarding our new product Hortonium. A patent pending lead free alternative to lead. So I've registered to allow me to reply to those threads and keep you guys informed. We are now nearing completion of our first deal which will see Hortonium...
  5. A basic introduction.

    Hello! I am a student at Sparsholt agricultural college and I’m studying Game the level 3 management course. I am joining this forum to learn about game management and conservation. I also would like to learn about firearms and ammunition on this website to make me more knowledgeable for my...
  6. Introduction.

    Hi all, I’m joining this site as I’ve just got a new rifle set up and need some advice on it. Regarding ammo and optics. I’m an experienced rifle shot including wild and park deer as well as vermin control. The rifle in question is a sako 85 xs 223 1-12 twist/ with a stallon sound mod. I’m...
  7. Sold: Safe / Ammo Cabinet, Brattonsound PA5

    Brattonsound Sentinel PA5 Ammo / accessory cabinet, Has served me well for 3/4 rifles bolts, mods and ammo. Only selling as upgrading to larger model due to "expanding the family"! Has slight marks from paint during house decoration, no structural defects. Lock has both original keys and works...
  8. New member from Germany - Survey on rare caliber ammunition

    Dear all, my name is Christoph Dehnhardt, I am based in Germany. I joined the forum, because I am conducting a study in various countires (European + South Africa) to assess the availability (or the unmet need) for rare caliber ammunition. This study is commissioned by a group of hunters, who...
  9. For Sale: NEW NORMA BRASS .223R £57.50 .204 RUGER £75.00 ALL PER 100 POSTAGE £6.00

    NEW NORMA BRASS .223 £57.50 .204 £75.00 ALL PER 100 Postage £6.00 01862892171
  10. Bullet Heads used in Sako Superhammerhead .308?

    Hi There, Does anyone know what bullet heads Sako uses in their 150gr .308 Superhammerhead ammunition? Thanks Tom
  11. Poll: Do you need a supplier of Fox non-toxic ammo in Sussex?

    Hi all, Please can you comment on this post and let me know if you are in Sussex and are looking for a supplier of Fox ammunition (non-toxic)? And if so, what calibre and weight? I currently supply the bullets however I don't have the ammunition in stock. There would need to be considerable...
  12. Expanding ammo, new legislation. Some questions.

    On the BASC website, it says expanding ammo reverts to Sec 1 from May 2nd, 2017. I currently have FAC for target ammo only and was about to go through the prolonged variation process. Does it mean that from 2nd May onwards, people like me (who only have target ammo on FAC) can freely buy...
  13. Opinions on Ammo for Sauer 202 Elegance (Fallow + Red deer)

    Hi there, First of all hi! Literally just joined the forum yesterday. Some interesting reads and information so first off thanks for that. I'm looking for some information if anyone can help. I've just purchased a Sauer 202 Elegance in .308. Still to get it sent across to me from England...
  14. .243 Rounds in 70-75gr fragmentable tip wanted Sussex

    Hi all, I am struggling to find the above ammunition for my .243. I'm looking to buy 100 rounds of 70gr or 75gr vmax, sst or ballistic tip ammunition. I'm based in East Sussex, near Brighton. If anyone has any they are willing to sell, I have cash waiting and I'm also happy to pay for fuel.
  15. Sierra Game King loaded Ammo at great Prices £65 a 100 £120 200 180grain

    Fully tested on Wild Boar and Deer Sierra Game King is a fantastic Bullet .Ammunition Offer 243 also available 100 grain £85 a 100 £160 for 200 .Deposit £20 Pick up at the British shooting show or By arrangement in Wick between Bristol and Bath . Call 0117 303 9227 .
  16. Fiocchi .22 Subsonics

    Avoid these like the plague! 60% or so go supersonic. So there's no consistency and you'd be missing a lot of bunnies etc! In a navy blue box with a red stripe on the LHS. I bought 500 of the buggers so it'll be a trip back to the gunshop for me, ho-hum.