1. For Sale: BLASER R93 6.5x55 SE Barrel

    A used 6.5x55 SE Blaser R93 barrel, screwcut 15x1 with spigot. Standard profile. With Mag insert. £450 + RFD Or F2F I bought this zeroed it, shot a Roe no problem but it just sits in the gun cabinet as I prefer my 308w Scope not included
  2. Corrosion in rifle barrel?

    My 308 rifle has fired less than 200 rounds. When cleaning it the other day I noticed some strange marks in the barrel near the muzzle. Any ideas what these marks are? Copper deposits? Carbon deposits? Corrosion? Pitting? The rifle is cleaned religiously and hasn’t been heavily used. Or is this...
  3. Lightweight stalking rifle

    Hi guys, I currently use a 24" tikka in 6.5 creedmoor for all my stalking. It sometimes is far too long and a pain in the ass 🤣. Thinking of saving up and getting something a little lighter and more handy. Just looking for ideas what you guys all think? My initial thoughts was to get a 308...
  4. For Sale: Blaser R93 Barrels LRS2 .308 Heavy, 6mmBR Fluted Match

    .LRS2 .308 Heavy barrel £750 6mm BR Fluted Match £750 30-06 sold .243 sold Moderators can be available
  5. For Sale: Blaser R93 243 barrel and mod

    Deciding to sell this to free up some space in the cabinet as now have a varmint load for the 6.5. Shoots lovely using 87gr vmax and RS70. Happy to pass over load data to whomever buys. I’ve no loaded rounds but do have 100 once fired cases to go with it. Moderator is a stainless MTM (t8...
  6. .22-250 Re-Barrel/Build

    Have a .22-250 on the edge of being shot out, T3 action, who is the go to gunsmith for barrels these days? Thanks
  7. Wanted: Wanted Blaser R8 300 Win Mag Match Barrel

    Wanted new or good condition second hand 300 Win Mag Match barrel for my R8
  8. Loss of precision

    I've had a Sako 85 for the last 13 years and it's always reliably shot groups the size of your thumb nail. Fired about 2000-2500 rounds of 308. Late last year I went to the range and re-zeroed it with a new moderator and some non-lead ammo and it performed as expected. First half of this year I...
  9. For Sale: Sassen 6.5 mm cut riffle blank

    sassed cut riffled 6.5mm barrel blank. 1:8 twist rate, Standard remington varmint profile Straight fluted, 27 inch length Looking for £350 plus postage sassen cut riffled 6.5mm barrel blank. 1:8 twist heavy, heavy tapered barrel. 28 inch length Looking for £320 plus postage another information...
  10. Looking for Blaser items to build a rifle

    Hi chaps I’m looking for a complete bolt housing if possible with a medium bolt head Or could anyone tell me a price brand new please struggling to find online. Also a grs stock for a R8 Also if possible 6.5 creedmore barrel cheers any help would be Greatly appreciated
  11. Sold: Sako Muzzle Brake

    SAKO MUZZLE BRAKE 308 5/8 x 24 (which is 5/8 UNEF) thread. Brand new and unused 7cm in length £60 posted Now £50 posted
  12. For Sale: 12 bore Single barrel shotguns x 4

    12B Carrero Astra hammer Ejector Ejector. 30” barrel. Length of pull from butt to trigger: 14 1/4”. Well used but in working order. S/N: 12615. Possible project for a sound moderated shotgun. £20.00 12B Mavi Di Salvinelli Folding Made in Australia. Non-Ejector. 27 1/2” barrel with...
  13. Swap: benelli m2 24” barrel swap for my 28”

    Benelli m2 28” barrel, used but still decent condition, looking to swap with someone with a 24” or even 26”
  14. Prefit Barrel Swap- Legal?

    Hi all, Writing to inquire about swapping a rifle barrel out of a Tikka T3/T3x action, which does not have a switch barrel or barrel nut. My question centres around the relatively new offering of pre-fit barrels, whereby the barrel has already been chambered and shouldered so 'all you need to...
  15. Gun plug

    Hi Everyone, Does anyone use a "Gun plug" for hunting ? I use one since i fell in the snow and my barrel was obstructed. Now this plug is always on my rifle. It's very convenient during rainy days too, the water doesn't enter in my barrel. Bigboar,
  16. Best barrels in the World

    Who makes the best replacement barrels in the World, money no object?
  17. How short is to short on my Howa 1500 .243

    Hi all, I have just got my self a Howa 1500 243 and was thinking of chopping the barrel down some but I am not sure what the legal limit is on a 243 and what affect this could have to things like power, will the round get enough twist before it leaves the barrel and accuracy also what rounds to...
  18. CZ 452 American

    I've just purchased a CZ 452 American in .22LR with a walther illuminated reticle scope and moderator. I've been having a look at it when I got it home and noticed the barrel is touching the fore-end on the right hand side. I tried the bank note trick down the barrel and it gets stuck where it...