Gun plug


Hi Everyone,

Does anyone use a "Gun plug" for hunting ?


I use one since i fell in the snow and my barrel was obstructed.
Now this plug is always on my rifle. It's very convenient during rainy days too, the water doesn't enter in my barrel.

I use a similar thing on my Mauser as it has factory mezzle safe feature, I just buy a tin of orange rubber push in things that get blown out when you take a shot

also works with my Mauser mod which also has muzzle safe
Heavy barrel plus Alec maxim!

I'm married, so therefore have no need of them for their intended purpose, so I'm using up my entire stock from when I was young and optimistic! The "use by" date is 9th January 1999!

seasons greetings to you all!
tape for me too. I did look at these when I first saw them but as I had a .243 & they were only recommended for 7mm & above they weren't of any use to me. You're also adding a plastic disc to the environment unnecessarily.
If i use condom my wife will divorce me in minutes ...

I have tested tape :
- Low cost tape doesn't glue so much during rainy day
- High end tape let glue on the muzzle and some debris/dust glue on it

Gun plugs are 6.5€ for 10 units + shipping.
Sticky tape, masking tape or even sellotape will do just fine. You can also use the sticky 'patches' we all use for patching up targets when zeroing.
I learnt the hard way, first ever stag, i got a bit excited, pushed rifle through hole in hedge and plugged barrel in mud, luckily the stag was very patient as i sucked the mud out and shot the stag!

Bog standard electrical tape, never comes unstuck, i don't use a mod, so its a couple turns for grip around the barrel, 1 strip covers bore, then wrap around that piece onto barrel.
Blew a piece off this morning!