1. Peterm

    Available: BASC Training courses

    All BASC training courses for 2018 can be found here Many thanks, Peter PS - You should be able to book the vast majority of the courses online
  2. Peterm

    Available: GWCT and BASC team up

    The next Shooting for the Future course is scheduled for the 28th April at the GWCT's demonstration shoot in Loddington. The course is all about improving your shooting and your shoot management. Not to be missed...
  3. R

    Expanding ammo, new legislation. Some questions.

    On the BASC website, it says expanding ammo reverts to Sec 1 from May 2nd, 2017. I currently have FAC for target ammo only and was about to go through the prolonged variation process. Does it mean that from 2nd May onwards, people like me (who only have target ammo on FAC) can freely buy...
  4. Peterm

    Available: BASC Training courses for 2017

    All BASC training courses can be found hear DSC 1 courses can be found hear If there is not a course in your area, or the right type of...
  5. Peterm

    Available: Improve your shooting and improve your shoot management

    Shooting for theFuture A joint venture between the Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust and BASC. This 2 day course aims to improve your shooting and improve your shoot management. The next event is being held at the Allerton Project Visitor Centre in Loddington, Leicestershire on the 6th and...
  6. B

    Hi from Wensleydale

    Hi all - I have shot since I was 6 years old (.22 and 12 bore - farming background). Cadets, followed by 'march and shoot' competitions as a civilian. Competitive prone .22 at university. BUT, meanwhile I was falling in love with rock climbing. The pattern for the next 30 years has been a return...
  7. M

    Newbie (and BASC election candidate)

    Hello everyone. I did a search on the biz manager at BASC a few minutes ago and it brought me to this forum. I see that one of the regular contributors was a candidate a couple of years ago but was not successful. I also noted his final post on the subject that reported how few members actually...
  8. A

    New Member from Kent (T.Wells)

    Hello everyone. I've been shooting for a while (shot gun) and recently took the plunge and booked some deer stalking in Sussex. Had a fantastic time and I have caught the bug. Immediately booked myself on the BASC DSC1 course in March (11) so looking forward to working towards that. Hope to be...
  9. B

    Thumbs up for Sussex Firearms Licensing Dept

    Latest variation just went through in just over 8 weeks - I was told it could take up to 12 weeks, so am thoroughly chuffed! I just wanted to comment that Sussex FLD were thoroughly helpful and professional - I've had my licence a while and have always made the effort to be polite and patient...
  10. B

    New to DS and Getting into Deer stalking

    It was on the the bucket list .. Wanted to get into stalking, taken my firt deer and invested in .243.. hit on the site shopping around for a btter scope but quality comes at a price..( mainly pheasant, duck, foxes and the odd goose before this and the springer of course ) completed my DSC 1...
  11. G

    Catton Park Stalking Fair

    I saw this on another forum and thought it might be of interest here too... Is there a planned Stalking Directory get together at the fair? 30th March 2010…………….……………………………………………….immediate release. Visitors to the British Association for Shooting and Conservation (BASC) Gamekeepers' Fair...