binoculars reviews

  1. Best binocular harnes/accessories

    Hi everyone, I've a set of 12x50 vortex binos. I'm away to order/get a set of 10x42 vortex RF binos. I'm currently using the vortex glass pack that comes standard with them on the 12x50s and was wondering if there's anything more comfortable or keeps them closer to the chest? Plan is to keep...
  2. Range finding binos

    Hi all, apologies as I know this has probably been asked before but budget is no issue. What is the best make and model you can buy for a set of range finding binos, what's the best magnification as well. Looking for new! Thanks in advance as always, cheers 🤟🏻
  3. Cheap and cheerful binos

    Hi everyone, I'm after a cheap and cheerful set of binos, 10×42 or 10×32. It's for friend and Family when they come out for stalk/spot about. Any help appreciated and cheapness is key £100 tops. Thank you!
  4. Anyone reccommend 10x42HD Binos

    Can anyone reccommend decent pair of binos around £500 I can't take the pain of losing another silly money pair Thanks in advance
  5. Swaroski SLC or EL

    Hi there. I am in th emarket for a pair of binoculars and am obviously considering a set of Swaroski. I would like some real world comparisons from people who have used both the SLC and EL versions of these binos. Looking at the 8x42 SLC £1205 or 8.5x42 EL £1865. Has anyone here owned and used...
  6. Want to review night vision binoculars

    Hi Friend.. I want to review best night vision binoculars at my website...any suggestion??