1. Wanted: Roe deer stalking and management by Richard Prior

    After the above book if anyone wants to get rid. A few very expensive copies out there on some sites. Any interest let me know.
  2. For Sale: Customise The Ruger 10/22 Book

    Customise the ruger 10/22 book in good condition £20 inc UK mainland postage Hope that’s fair if not try an offer?
  3. The Stalking Directory eLibrary

    Hi all, I am writing to put forward an idea, an online library thread whereby books and other resources useful to the stalker can be found, for free. Whilst I don't claim to have any rare, long lost books on file, I have been able to find quite a few useful books online, which are accessible...
  4. New BDS Diseases and Conditions in Deer Field Guide

    Hi, I've just got ther new BDS Field Guide to Diseases and Conditions of Deer in the UK. it cost only £12 off their website and it's really good...well worth the money. i think that it replaces the old disease cards and really has moved on a lot. instead of the 8 or 10 cards as it was...