1. Sold: .223 reloading clearout

    Hi. Sold my .223 so need to get rid of my reloading bits. I have for sale (P&P included in all prices): 50 x Lapua match brass new boxed + 21 3 times fired. £25 167 x Vmax 55gr. £30 45x Sierra Blitzking 40gr + 32 Sierra GK SP 55gr. £10 Redding Body Die, Redding FL sizing die, Lee bullet seating...
  2. Sold: Hornady 6.5mm ELD 130gr Bullets..... 5 Boxes

    As per heading I've got 500 Hornady 130gr ELD Match for sale due to a change in plans. £42 per box posted One box has been opened but inner bag has not as per pics. Toby
  3. For Sale: Bullets: .308, 7mm/.284, 6mm/.243, .224

    Bullets for sale. (Some old style packaging, some tatty boxes, those labelled "pulled" were not crimped and neck tension less than 2thou) Prices include UK postage. Advertised elsewhere. .308 48x Sierra No.2160 180gr Spitzer Boat tail. V old style packaging £15 100x Sierra No.2123...
  4. For Sale: Expanding (polymer tip) bullets for .17hornet 17gr £5.50 per 100 or £26 per 500

    17gr .17 bullets for reloading for 17 centrefire, namely .17 hornet. Copper plated polymer tip bullets, great for vermin shooting. Made by value bullet company at a complete bargain.... £26 per 500 bag Or £5.50 per 100 bag Postage is £4.50 regardless of number ordered. Loaded...
  5. For Sale: Various bullets - good prices NEW

    Nosler 30 cal hunting bt (.308) 150gr £29.50 per 50 pack (5 available) can backorder Nosler varmageddon 22 cal ( 224) 35gr £48.50 per 250 pack ( 1 available) can backorder Sierra 2150 pro hunter 30 cal (308) 180gr sp spitzer £38.00 per 100 pack ( 2 available) can backorder Sierra 2310 pro...
  6. For Sale: 30 cal 200 gr Sierra 2231 bullets for sale

    I am selling 1800x bullets/ heads . They are the latest Sierra 30 cal model 2231's with the super G1 BC as under: .715 @ 2000 fps and above .695 between 1720 & 2000 fps .660 @ 1720 fps and below MR, F T/R and F Open applications. From Sierra's advert material " The 30 Caliber 200 Grain...
  7. For Sale: Bullets, brass, rifle stock, rail, Tikka, PPU, Hornady, Woodleigh, cz

    Various bits for sale, prices include postage: Mainly new but also some once fired .303British PPU brass. Around 100. £28 Around 90 .312 (for 303 brit) 174gr RN Hornady Soft point bullets. £35 Around 90 .312 (for 303 brit) 215gr Woodleigh Weldcore bullets £48 (hard to find) Around...
  8. Sold: Bullets; Varmint Grenades .223 50grn

    As title, I have some 50grn Varmint Grenade 50grn .223 bullets looking for a new home. 27 in total; 17 are new and 10 have been disassembled from loaded rounds using a kinetic hammer. I recently bought these on this site from a wonderful chap. However, these bullets will not stabilise in the...
  9. Confused

    Reloading a .308Win with 150g Hornady Interlock ST and Hodgdon Varget. The hornady manual states 35.9g to 44.9g of varget powder. The Hodgdon datasheet for a 150g BT bullet 44.0g to 47g. while the Interlock bullet is not a BT I am surprised at the weight of powder difference. This is not the...
  10. Sold: 230 303 FMJ bullets and a .615 round ball mould and .615 lead balls

    230 .303 British FMJ bullets - £44 posted. Very clean, I believe them to be 170grain but believe it or not my beam scales don't got up that high, so not 100%. Old .615 round ball mould and a handful of .615 lead balls. £23 posted.
  11. Wanted: 222 ammunition - East Sussex

    Hi all, Looking for some 40gr 222 ammunition in East Sussex? Vmax or ballistic tip or any other kind of fast expanding. Anyone have any for sale and near or willing to travel Brighton way? Thanks
  12. Buying bullets from USA - Reloading

    Hi Lads, My parents are away to america for a few weeks to visit the brother, my dad asked me was there anything i wanted brought home. I'm just wondering can they buy me any bullet heads while they are out there? Just wondering what the NSA / Customs boys will say about it? The price...
  13. 45-70 Gvt. Reloading for Henry rifle

    Hi All, I have ordered a nice new Henry Colour Case Hardened rifle in 45-70gvt, it should arrive in the next few weeks and I'm doing my homework on the best route for reloading. The purpose of the gun is for Lever gun comps, general paper punching, historic/cowboy themed shoots etc. (I'm not...
  14. Expanding bullets no longer section 5, as of May 2nd.

    So as of tomorrow - May 2nd 2017, expanding bullets for loading are no longer classed as section 5 and can now legally be sent in the post to a home address from a dealer or from another person. As they are now inert, then they do not have to be written on your license and they do not count...
  15. For Sale: Lyman Pro 500 beam scales unused with box

    Lyman Pro 500 beam scales unused with box. Never used as have stuck with my RCBS beams, kept these as a back up but have never needed them or used them. As new just been unboxed but comes in original box. £55 posted
  16. For Sale: Vit n140 1kg powder

    Bottle of 1KG VihtaVuori N140 powder for reloading. Opened but not used. Collection nr Brighton in East Sussex. £50
  17. Wanted: .243 Hornady Superformace SST rounds

    I'm In East Sussex, I live nr Brighton. Does anyone have any .243 Hornady Superformance SST rounds for sale? Cash waiting and happy to pay for fuel to deliver if possible. Nobody nr me stocks them. Thanks in advance
  18. Sold: .243 factory ammunition

    Hi, I've just sold my .243 and have a few boxes of 95grn Federal and Sako factory rounds expanding that are now surplus to requirents. £5 per 20 rounds sound reasonable? Also handful of brass free.