1. Sold: .22 .223 .224 Bullet Heads

    Bullet Heads in .22/.223/.224 (Updated to show remaining) Approx 200x Generic BT FMJ Military .224 5.56 55gr £20 Have not checked generic orange packs One is sealed 100x one is nearly full est 85x Happy to post at cost at £3.50 up to 2Kg tracked Thanks for looking
  2. For Sale: Berger 6.5mm 140grn VLDH Bullets

    251 bullets total. 2 X unopened boxes and part box of 51, all the same lot numbers. Will not split. Berger PN:26504. Very accurate bullet, I've hit some small targets at 1400yds with these and deer at closer ranges. £180 delivered to UK mainland only. Payment by bank transfer only.
  3. For Sale: Fox Bullets - various - Copper

    Fox Classic hollow point copper bullets Boxes contain 50 bullets. 2 boxes of 5.56mm (.224) 55gr. - £33 per box. All prices are well below RRP and my last lot in stock. So grab a bargain. £4.50 postage
  4. For Sale: Bullets 6mm

    Some surplus bullets for sale: 6mm: Nosler Ballistic SilverTip 95gr (100) - £70 plus postage Hornady V-Max 87gr (100) - £40 plus postage
  5. For Sale: BARNES TIPPED TSX 6.5MM 100 GR TTSX 50PK (30240) NOW IN STOCK

    BARNES TIPPED TSX 6.5MM 100 GR TTSX 50PK (30240) BACK IN STOCK https://rmacleod.co.uk/barnes-tipped-tsx-65mm-100-gr-50pk-30240-000878/
  6. For Sale: Fox bullets for loading (Copper)

    FOX bullets at extremely competitive prices. Copper-Zinc Alloy monolithic Hunting bullets with plastic tipped hp. Lead-free with field-proven expansion. BOXES OF 50 - CLASSIC HUNTER 5.6MM (224) 55GR £36.50 PER BOX 2 AVAILABLE -CLASSIC HUNTER 30 (308) 150GR £47.50 PER BOX 2 AVAILABLE...
  7. For Sale: Budget 17cal fragmentable bullets for loading

    Value bullet company 17gr .17 cal Fragmentable bullets for reloading. Great value option, seen some good results. A mere £25.50 per 500. I also have a couple of 100 packs I believe I could do for £5.10 Postage is £5.50 tracked.
  8. For Sale: Bullets for loading - Sierra. Prices dropped!

    BOXES OF 100 Sierra Varminter 40gr Softpoint Hornet 22 cal 223. Code 1100. Now £17.50 per box. 1 Available Sierra Spitzer 180gr 303 cal 311. Code 2310. Now £30.00 per box. 2 available Sierra 224 40gr HP code 1385. Now £19 per box. 2 Available Sierra varminter 22 cal 224 40gr HP...
  9. For Sale: Yew Tree Non Toxic Bullets In Stock

    We now stock the much talked about non toxic (lead free) Yew Tree Bullets Available in 50 count boxes in the following calibers..... Standard Hunter Bullets - .22 Cal / .224" - 52 grains £45 (10T required) 6 mm / .243" - 80.5 grains £45 (Std / Factory T compatible) 6.5 mm - 112 grains £55...
  10. Sold: .223 77gn Sierra matchking x680

    680 x .223 77gn Sierra Matchking bullet heads. I no longer have a .223 so these are surplus to requirement. Looking for £150ono. I am in the Lincs area. Welcome to collect or I can send via post for an extra £8 signed for. These go for around £170 per 500 currently so thats a bargain for someone.
  11. Sold: Sierra 6mm, 6.5mm, 7mm Bullets clearout

    Sierra bullets for sale, 7mm (.284) remaining. Having a major clearout. Grab a deal! Boxes Cal (mm) Make Line Style Bullet Weight Gn Qty (Box) Total Qty Price box (EA) Discounted Price all same type bought together Weight Gramme (EA) for postage. Sold 6 Sierra Gameking SBT 1560 100 100...
  12. Barnes TTSX 130gr in .30

    Does anyone know where I can buy some Barnes TTSX 130gr bullets to reload in .30 calibre? I've run out and can't seem to find any more anywhere! Thanks Tom

    CHECK OUT OUR RANGE OF HORNADY BULLETS AT EXCELLENT PRICES. https://rmacleod.co.uk/ammunition-reloading/bullets/?manufacturer=40
  14. Sold: .30 cal Noslers & Norma Oryx Bullets

    BOTH SOLD .30 150 grain, Nosler Ballistic Tip £30 .30 180 grain, Norma Orxy - 66 off - £30 Price includes shipping.
  15. Are my bullets flying sideways??

    . 222 rem 50 grain blitzking I'm not sure if my bullets a going sideways this was about 75 yards I took the target out to near 200 yards but they seemed to just be pretty nice holes I am also wondering is about 2 inch groups at 200 yards OK for a. 222 rem? They are pretty much the same as the...
  16. For Sale: Nosler 30cal (308) 150gr Spitzer Ballistic Tip

    As above, boxes of 50. £30.50 per box. 3 boxes £7.50 postage (Parcelforce tracked Insured)
  17. Confused

    Reloading a .308Win with 150g Hornady Interlock ST and Hodgdon Varget. The hornady manual states 35.9g to 44.9g of varget powder. The Hodgdon datasheet for a 150g BT bullet 44.0g to 47g. while the Interlock bullet is not a BT I am surprised at the weight of powder difference. This is not the...
  18. Buying bullets from USA - Reloading

    Hi Lads, My parents are away to america for a few weeks to visit the brother, my dad asked me was there anything i wanted brought home. I'm just wondering can they buy me any bullet heads while they are out there? Just wondering what the NSA / Customs boys will say about it? The price...
  19. 45-70 Gvt. Reloading for Henry rifle

    Hi All, I have ordered a nice new Henry Colour Case Hardened rifle in 45-70gvt, it should arrive in the next few weeks and I'm doing my homework on the best route for reloading. The purpose of the gun is for Lever gun comps, general paper punching, historic/cowboy themed shoots etc. (I'm not...
  20. Expanding bullets no longer section 5, as of May 2nd.

    So as of tomorrow - May 2nd 2017, expanding bullets for loading are no longer classed as section 5 and can now legally be sent in the post to a home address from a dealer or from another person. As they are now inert, then they do not have to be written on your license and they do not count...