UK Outfitters

    Hi all I run a business called Shooting LTD selling all manner of... Only joking Admins! ;).. Ok, enough of the 'jokes'. I am from Cheshire and pretty new to the shooting/ stalking scene. I have a local permission where I perform rabbit control for the land owner. I use a .22 air rifle for...
  2. Looking for butchers in Cheshire who would prepare carcass

    Hi, I'm a novice stalker hoping to get a bit of advice. I'm going on a guided Muntjac and CWD stalk in March and want to bring back the carcass for the freezer. I live near Chester and wondered if anyone knew any butchers in the area who would take and prepare a carcass for me? Cheers, John
  3. New Guy

    Hi Folks, My name is Jay, i have been shooting clay's for 2 years now and enjoy all aspects of shooting. I am a keen natural conservationist and love spending my time outdoors. I have wanted to get involved in stalking for some time now but been a little unsure on how to start, i figured the...
  4. Newbie from Cheshire

    Hi Everyone, I'm Ian from Cheshire. Totally new to deer stalking, and this site. I have my DSC 1 booked for April, so would be grateful for any advice you guys can offer for that course. Also happy to hear any opinions about first deer hunting rifles etc and also cam gear to go for etc? I...
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