clay shooting

  1. J

    New Gun Advice

    To anyone who can help me? I am in the process of getting my shotgun license and I am eyeing up my first gun. I have my heart set on the Hatsan Esscort MPA, I have read up on it and seen it’s great value for money and seems to be a very reliable gun. I would like to use it for practical...
  2. airman

    For Sale: 2018 Version of ShotKam - Brand New - 12G with Mount

    Ive got a couple of Shotkams up for sale. They come with a 12 gauge mount for over/under or semi automatic. Other mounts are available if required (410, 20G, 12G SxS) I did a large bulk buy to keep the price down and have some left. Price is £600 per unit all in. They are brand new and unused...
  3. nicowilson

    Walked up practice with clay pigeons

    Some time ago someone mentioned to me that there's a shooting ground with numerous clay pigeon traps buried in the ground in a field, and as one walks forward through the field, these traps are triggered and clays are thrown up into the air in the same way that a partridge would behave on a...
  4. D

    How to get into stalking?

    Hi to all! Iam 17 years old male and really want to go deer stalking or even become a stalker. I've been living in uk since 10 and in my family there are a lot of deer stalkers but unfortunatly all family members got their licences in my country which is very very strict and over there it takes...