The Lucky Hunter

  2. For Sale: Stoney Creek Clothing

    High-quality hunting apparel from a trusted retailer. Tundra Jacket- £349, Stoney Creek Tundra Jacket New Jacket for sale. Buy for £349. Tundra Over-trousers- £169, Stoney Creek Tundra Over-Trousers New Trousers for sale. Buy for £169. Frostline Jacket- £229, Stoney Creek Frostline Jacket New...
  3. For Sale: Liberty Margaret Howel grey 100% wool Jacket Medium

    Private sale Liberty Margaret Howel Jacket. Size Medium = 22" armpit to armpit. I believe this is 44" chest size. 100% wool. Grey with part of collar black. Beautiful jacket and comfy - but needing the cash. Worn once. Cost was £850 reduced to £425.00 from the shop price is £90 inc post
  4. Is the Flecktarn Goretex milsurp kit noisy to wear?

    I have been looking at the very inexpensive Flecktarn Goretex kit on ebay and wondered if anyone is using it for wet weather stalking. I already own a lightweight DPM goretex jacket but recon it would be very noisy when walking in denser vegetation or simply when your arms rub against your sides...
  5. Stalking Clothing

    I've just had a big rant to Bushwear and to Military 1st, both of whom have excellent ranges of kit that is perfect for stalking, but both of whom have a female section that basically says "stay home with the kids and look classy" but only if your husband has a very large wallet £!! Anyone...
  6. Do you need SNOW CAMO for the hill in January

    HI everyone Another 'Novice' question, do you need to wear some sort of 'Snow' type camo on the hill (obviously when it is snowing). There is a very small chance that I might get up to Scotland for a chance to get after some Red, just wondering if its needed and if so, what the more experienced...
  7. Stalking trousers

    Hi all im looking at buying a new pair of stalking trousers. Any ideas? Or good makes? They need to be water proof. Thanks
  8. Swazi Clothing

    Has anyone got any experience using Swazi gear, have looked at a few options and some of their stuff looks pretty good the shops? I fancy one of the smocks, any feedback from Swazi owners?
  9. Launching "Red Kettle" - clothing for rifle hunting

    ​Hi all, It took me a long time in uninspiring jobs, to realise how passion makes the difference between good and great. For me, passion is excitement, fun and dedication. It drives me to seek knowledge, constantly better myself and to strive for perfection. I guess if you’re a reader of this...
  10. The Best Stalking Boots???

    I've asked my followers to suggest the best (but affordable) boots on the market for Deer Stalkers? So far I've had plenty of suggestions via Facebook and Twitter plus this blog: But I'd like your views on the matter before I share them all with the world. Tell me which? How Much they cost...
  11. stalking boots

    im looking for a pair of high stalking boots. i have been looking at the le chameau mouflon plus boots. anybody had any experience with them? or is there a better pair?
  12. Nomad clothing

    Hi everyone I am looking to buy a nomad hooded smock. Does anybody know if they are any good or should I go for the riverswest field pro smock?
  13. Stalking with the new Ridgeline Storm Smock - Pick yours up at the Deerstalking Fair

    Retailing under £60.00, the new Ridgeline Storm Smock has captured the attention of many professional stalkers, vermin controllers and wildlife photographers. The new Ridgeline Storm Jacket Mountain Shirt has been designed for outdoor use in extreme cold conditions, and is especially useful as...
BRACES of Bristol - Dark Fox Package, Mauser M12, LIEMKE Thermal Scope, Wildcat Mod