The Lucky Hunter

    MASSIVE WINCHESTER COPPER LOADED AMMO JUST ARRIVED!! .243 85 GRAIN 20 RATE £35.90 200 RATE £323.00 .270 130 GRAIN 20 RATE £43.90 200 RATE £395.00 .308 150 GRAIN 20 RATE £45.30 200 RATE £408.00 .300 150 GRAIN 20 RATE £63.80 200 RATE £574.00 COLLECTION ONLY
  2. Reloading copper 6.5x55

    Decided to try reloading copper & chose Barnes ttsx 120 in 6.5x55 After doing the usual working up from min to max (at 50 thou off lands) i found my best grouping was between 43gr & 43.5gr of Viht N160 so settled on 43.2gr. Then I played with seating depth going up in 10 thou increments from 50...
  3. Barnes TTSX 130gr in .30

    Does anyone know where I can buy some Barnes TTSX 130gr bullets to reload in .30 calibre? I've run out and can't seem to find any more anywhere! Thanks Tom
  4. Barnes 130 GR TTSX Loading 270 Win

    Starting to load the Barnes TTSX 130 in 270 win and interested to know what powders people are using? Currently use RL 22 in my .270 for Nosler Partitions in 130 but Barnes suggest RL 19. Anyone else using RL 22 for the TTSX or other easily available powder in the UK? RS62? Thanks.
  5. For Sale: Fox non-toxic sample packs of 5

    Each sample pack contains 5 bullets for £4.25. Various available, please request a bullet calibre and I will see if I have it. .224, 6.5, 7mm, 30cal (308), .277, 6mm. Postage: Signed and tracked service £4.52 (You will be sent tracking details) Regular 2nd class large letter royal mail (non...
  6. Federal Trophy Copper Red Hind experience

    I used federal trophy copper 165 grain 300 win mag on a few days at the red and sika hinds. We shot a total of 6 red and 1 sika. 50 to 250 meters. I was impressed with the outcome. I think the calibre/bullet combo is about perfect for the reds - especially on the hill where shot distance is...
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