1. Wanted: Left Handed. 375 H+H Rifle or Action

    Wanted left handed rifle for custom build. .375 H+H action size. Barrel condition not important. Mauser type action preferred.
  2. Dominant eye macula damage forces crossover rifle stock enquiry

    The macula is the small area of the retina responsible for the highest visual acuity, so my eye specialist told me. Damage to the macula causes a distorted image of the cross hairs reticule and blurring of the target (I keep both eyes open). If it is limited to one eye, a crossover stock (as...
  3. Sako 75 donor action - .223 Rem

    Hi all, I've just sold my .17 HMR and have decided to build a foxing/plinking setup with a bit more grunt in .223 Rem. This will be my first build so these are probably some quite basic questions despite quite a bit of research. Initially, I looked at Remingtons as a base to build on but I've...
  4. Custom knife - advice please

    Hi all, I'm looking for a best man present for my brother. Getting married this weekend so time is of the essence. Between us we've got more kit than you could shake a rifle at but we don't have custom knives as we've always gone for the Mora (if you lose it you don't cry) option. I'd like...