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  1. Moray Outfitting

    Moray Outfitting at Deer Stalking Fair 29/30 April

    Hello all - prompted by Rob at Monarch's post here! We'll be alongside Monarch at the Deer Stalking Fair - just follow the Jaffa cake crumb trail if in any confusion. :D The event is at the Black Isle Showground this coming Saturday and Sunday - The Deerstalking Fair 2017The Deerstalking Fair...
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    Deer Stalking Fair - NV Demo Tunnel Equipment

    Hello all, As you know we are running a night vision demo tunnel at the forthcoming Deerstalking Fair in Kelso. We will be situated in a marquee between the two halls allowing you to walk between the two buildings, and make use of the tunnel if required. We will have a range of thermal demo...
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    Pictures wanted

    Hi folks the deer stalking fair is looking for some pictures to use in some of our advertising flyers ETC. So we thought a bit of a competition . The pictures can be any one of the 6 species of deer found in the UK male or female, live deer only please no dead trophy shots (don't want to upset...
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    Night Vision Demo Tunnel at The Deerstalking Fair, Kelso (pics)..

    Hello all Just to let you know the Scott Country Night Vision Demo Tunnel will be in action across the weekend of The Deerstalking Fair, allowing you to try out the very latest NV kit (at reduced range of course) in complete dark surroundings. Over the weekend their will be a camera crew...