Moray Outfitting at Deer Stalking Fair 29/30 April

Moray Outfitting

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Hello all - prompted by Rob at Monarch's post here!

We'll be alongside Monarch at the Deer Stalking Fair - just follow the Jaffa cake crumb trail if in any confusion. :D

The event is at the Black Isle Showground this coming Saturday and Sunday - The Deerstalking Fair 2017The Deerstalking Fair and

MINI COMPETITION - follow our new FB page - and bring proof to the DSF and get a MTM 50 round cartridge box ( medium/ large while stocks last ) for just 50p. Be bold and IN ADDITION follow us on Instagram - Andrew Chadderton (@morayoutfitting) • Instagram photos and videos and get your first MTM box FREE and any additional ones ( max 5 ) for 50p.

This is your opportunity to see/ handle a range of stalking related gear - not just with us, but across lots of stalking focussed gear. You've seen our posts about Z Aim slings, Lansky sharpeners, Cleaning gear - well this is your chance to come see, try and question - face to face.

We'll have along -


A selection of Sauer rifles - including the 100 and 101 that we've raved about.
Haenel Jaeger10 in wood & synthetic.
Ruger - s/h & new 10/22 - plus BX trigger units, spares, magazines etc, new Ruger American.
K. Bancroft custom M98 in 7x57. A few lookers previously, but no bites. So this year we published a test group over on FB page. 5/8" group from an absolute classic stalking rifle suit you? Instagram


Will bring a selection of what we have.

GECO 243 105gr SP
RWS 308 150gr Classic ID ( best 308 round we have ever used )
PPU 50gr 22-250 SP
PPU 6.5x55 140gr SP
RWS 270 130gr SP
Winchester 180gr 30-06 E tip

Assorted 22 LR


Selection of:

Vortex Sport Optics (Bino's & spotting scopes - no sights) - including Diamondback 8 & 10x42, Viper HD 8x42. Razor HD Spotting Scopes - will go head to head with Swarovski.

Meopta - R1/R2/Meopro telescopic sights, Meopro Binoculars (we are a Viking account so anything you see over on their display - that they have in stock - you can ask to buy direct from us on the day).

Small selection of secondhand optics.

Trijicon - jumping gun a little as waiting on shipment as I write. BUT we've been testing the 3-9x40 Accupoint and it impressed greatly. Zero electronics or battery yet offers variable illumination. All from one of the leading US makers of combat sights utilising the same technology. Decades of reliability built in. Could start gushing - so will just say come and have a look and see what you think. Should have a range of models in time (fingers well crossed!).

Z-Aim Slings - of course! We'll have plenty of stock and spares - as a UK Distributor. Most important; the usual demo models will be out so you can try it out.

Lansky - we've the last production run of the Fold A Vee poscket shapener and the ceramic 4 -rod box. Both available for you to handle/try out.

Dewey - top quality rods in calibres .17 to 30 cal +. All jags, brushes and adapters to suit.

Cleaning - more quality patches in all sizes than a sane person should have, Butches bore shine, Forrest Bore Foam (see insatagram picture), Possum Hollow Bore Guides, Lubes/oils and grease. Ballistol. MTM Range Boxes and PLANO (see below).

PLANO - first batch in of PLANO products - we've a variety of their range boxes (like MTM these convert to cleaning stations), ammo boxes and military storeage boxes. Great quality - Plano do a lot of milspec gear and rifle travel cases. We can quote for anything in their line.

OTIS - also on their way. Whilst given choice we are always going to recommend a quality one-piece rod; sometimes that just isnt an option.
Bore Snakes etc are not something we are a fan of for many reasons. With OTIS you have a flex rod that is stiff enough to clear most field blockages - mud/ snow etc, yet protects bore. The system gives you a proper patch/brush option too. All that fits your pocket and forget - until needed. Larger kits to cover camps or light travel situations. As always - only sell what we've tried and would use - and we stocks spares, additional jags, brushes and patches. Another product we like a lot.


And basically lots of other 'stuff'. In addition to the MTM offer above, we'll have these boxes on special for the show. Talley bases/mounts/ rings - various sizes, mostly for Rem700/Sauer 100/101/ Haenel 10/ Howa actions.

Plus details of courses both DSC1 related and others - more to follow.

And not least - whilst the shows tend to be a bit manic and there is never enough time to give everyone the full attention they deserve, there'll be John and myself - got a question? Here's your chance to ask it!

Whether buying from us or not we look forward to seeing you!
Trijicon & Otis gear is en route via TNT - so fingerscrossed.

Big goof - apologies to Dave! - I clean forgot to mention we'll have the superb Diver Dave Repel DWR. No marketing flannel - this stuff works better than anything else I have tried. Out in the wet snow this morning, my Swanndri was beading water like crazy - over 12 months of pretty hard use on from that first ever test - it was the first thing I trioed it on. Love it.
Will there be a powerband expansion demonstration this year, using the medium of cake? :rofl:

Oiy! If you want to hurl abuse you need a. to be there ( stop malingering ;) ) and b. bring cake ..... :D not neccessarily in order of importance....

Seriously - not quite the same without you.
Wish I'd be there ....if only to educate you in your biscuit choices ...ok Jaffa cakes are ok......



Just for starters

Paul, I know SD gets heated at times and I'm very much against that. Polite discourse rules! BUt there are times when a line is crossed. You see you clearly demonstrated your amateur status in that last post. I'm sorry but the glory of a Power Band just wont ever be yours - you simply lack focus.
Think of the leopard or lion - they pick their prey and lock onto it - non of this shall I shan't I, what abouts a Tunnocks etc.
You focus on Jaffa*, the whole Jaffa and only the Jaffa and lock on. You have so far to go..... :D

NB * = unless anything baked by Mrs Jayb is within reach..... :tiphat:

Back to business we've opened the latest Vortex delivery and confirm the following -

1. Brand New Model Vortex Razor HD 22-48x65 Straight x 2. One is pre-sold for show collection. The other will be on display at a show special. Firtst look for us and... nice!
Razor HD New.jpg

2. 3x Diamondback 20-60x80 Straight Scopes
3. Razor HD 11-33x50 Straight x2
4. Sorry but Razor HD 85mm scopes all pre sold and we couldnt get in fresh stock in time.
5. Diamondback 8x42 and 10x42 - New Model binoculars - lots!
Diamondback 8x42.jpg
6. Viper HD - 8x32 ( last of the Mohicans now delisted ), 8x42 & 10x42 and 10x50
7. Handy Diamondback monoculars.
8. The great Vortex Fog Free Lens kit - great value
9. RoR Lens solution - professionals choice. Really is incredible stuff for all lens care.

All official Vortex supplied.

Watch this space!
Well boxes of much goodness arrived yesterday packed with Trijicon & Otis supplies.

Optically, in addition to the Vortex and Meopta items, we'll also now have

3-9x40, 2.5-10x56 and 5-20x50 from the Accupiont and Accupower ranges plus 10x42 HD binos. I got rather gushy on Facebook over Trijicon, so won't inflict that here. No preamble - but the accupoint is something that bit different and few folk have really encountered Trijicon - just come and have a look.

OTIS kits now on hand to cover .17 to 10 gauge - we're not going to suggest these replace a quality rod, but for in field emergency use, camp and light travel away from home, they are the best compact kit we've used. No hard push - come and have a look.

Unfortunately, Louise Gray - author of The Ethical Carnivore and ex Alumni of ours for DSC1 couldnt make the show. But we have a small number of her signed books available at the show only. Going for £20 each. With proceeds over jacket price going to Combat Stress charity.

Lots of bits and bobs - from spare pads for chamber cleaning rods, mags for Sauer 100,101 & 202 - plus spare 202 mag bases, Nylon Brushes, Jags and adapters to cover 17 through 30 cal with 99.9% of stops in between. Chamber mops, patches - all the bits a pieces that often prove hard to find.

DSC1 - in addition to the show draw prize, there'll be DSC1 course booking available on the day at a show only price - sign up and take your manual away on the day. Plus be entered into a prize draw for an Otis Cleaning System.

Look forward to seeing you there.