1. Freeforester

    For Sale: Pulsar DFA 75 plus scope attachments

    Hi, got a brand new, boxed DFA 75, TJ replacement for a recalled Mk 1, never used in anger, so mint throughout, with FOUR scope adapters, 1 -42mm, all the shims, 2 -50mm all the shims, and 1 - 56mm again with all the shims. All in boxes 42mm fitted once (to zero the new unit never been out in...
  2. S

    Pulsar Forward DFA75 Digital Stock Update

    Hello all, We get lots of calls every day regarding availability on the Pulsar Forward DFA75 Front Mounted Digital Night Vision and a few members already have pre orders waiting to be despatched. The new and improved Pulsar Forward DFA75 will be back in stock with us as of Friday this week...
  3. S

    Pulsar Forward DFA75 - Important Press Release

    Hello Pulsar and Thomas Jacks have released this important public press release with reference to the Pulsar Forward DFA75. Read the Pulsar Forward DFA75 Press Release here. Thank you Paul
  4. S

    Pulsar Forward DFA75 reviewed on The Shooting Show TV

    Hello all. The Pulsar Forward DFA75 has been reviewed by The Shooting Show in this weeks episode. I know a lot of the forum members had questions on the operation etc of this device so hopefully this will help. (Warning hunting scenes in video) http://youtu.be/1lZ1DqO6VaE?t=11m10s More...
  5. S

    Pulsar Forward DFA75 Night Vision Unboxing (pics)

    Hello, I have just unboxed the first production Pulsar DFA75 to arrive with us which will be our demo unit, and thought I would share the experience. The Pulsar DFA75, sealed in factory packaging Fantastic "Tactical style" case, which is super tough and a lovely add-on. Tactical case open...
  6. S

    Setting up the Pulsar Forward DFA75 on your riflescope.

    Hello all, Please find a useful easy to follow document for all new owners of Pulsar Forward DFA75, and potential purchasers. It may seem a touch complex in places, but in a practical sense the system works well and we are happy to help our customers as and when required if they need help with...
  7. S

    Try out the latest Night Vision devices in

    Try out the latest Night Vision devices at the Deerstalking Fair. We are exhibiting in 3 weeks time at the Deer Stalking Fair in Kelso and we will have our Night Vision demo tunnel at the show for you to try out the latest hand held and weapon mounted night vision. We have a bespoke night...