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    pulsar 750 digital nv scope recomended video attachment

    Hi can anyone recommend video (mpr) to attach to pulsar 750 digital night vision scope to record shots. ive bought the Yukon mpr but its faulty and does not turn on/off correctly and keeps playing up, be interested what other use.
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    New Yukon Photon 4.6x42 Digital Night Vision Riflescope - Stock Alert

    Hello all We have had lots of enquiries on the forum ref the delivery date of the new Yukon Photon 4.6x42 Digital Night Vision Riflescope. Well, we have some good news we will start shipping tomorrow! With a brand new high resolution 656x492 sensor, and new digital reticle with user...
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    Yukon Photon 5x42 Stock - So who would like one......

    Plenty in stock of the new Yukon Photon 5x42 Digital Night Vision riflescope, but selling fast, almost half gone already since we took this picture an hour ago! £399.99 inc FREE UPS Next Day Delivery. Order before 4pm and get it next day (UK Mainland) Order by phone : 01556 50 3587 or 01556...
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    Yukon Photon - Free Stock available this week.

    Hello all. We are very greatful to receive lots of PM's and emails from the forum regarding stock availability of the Yukon Photon, and we are pleased to announce for the first time ever we will be able to deliver new orders from stock, from later this week. We received a big order yesterday...
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    Photon Stock Update : Scott Country

    Hello all Some good news, we have the biggest shipment of Photons we have had yet arriving in tommorow! So if you have one on back order, we are calling everyone now! Best Regards Paul Stewart Sales Manager
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    Sporting Rifle Photon Night Vision Review.

    Hello, For those of you interested in Night Vision, Sporting Rifle and Countrymans Weekly have just published reviews of the new Yukon Photon Digital Night Vision. As we advertise with them they have kindly allowed me to publish them on our website. Click the link below to read them online...
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    New Nightmaster NM800 IR Covert infrared illuminators at Scott Country

    Hello, Due to popular demand for a fully covert Night Master NM800IR, we have had some commissioned to be built to our spec by Night Master, using a 940nm wavelength DR IR diode, which is completely covert and operating in the 940 wavelength will not have the tell tail glow of the NM800 IR...
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    Yukon Photon has arrived - Unboxing with images and now VIDEO

    Hello all, After much waiting, changed delivery dates, time delays the first of our Yukon Photon's arrived into stock today. Only a small number of the quantity we have on order arrived, and those are now shipping today to customers, so if we have called you, you know its on the way! We have...
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    New Yukon Photon 5x42 V Digital Night Vision

    Hello all, As you will be aware we are demonstrating the fantastic new Yukon Photon digital night vision riflescope at this weekend's Stalking Fair. Mounted to a rather special looking piece of hardware, you can try out the Photon with the built in laser IR, or we are also lucky enough to have...