1. dan85

    GWP x Labrador

    Hello all, I was looking for some advice / info about GWP x Labrador crosses. They look like fantastic deer dogs. Has anyone got experience of them? Are they easy to train, good with young children (as a family dog) etc? Thanks in advance. Dan.
  2. colc08

    New range of protective tracking apparel for dogs
  3. stalkinginengland

    For Sale: Dog Harness and Tracking Lead

    This harness is made for big dogs (chest 67-82 cm) e.g. German Wire-Haired Pointers as pictured on the website. It is padded for extra comfort. It has reflective stitching for night time safety and is bright red. It is easy to put on the dog. We currently have 2 in stock but if more are ordered...
  4. H

    Dog Tracking Day - NGO

    The NGO are running a Dogs for Deer day in Berkshire in March - I am going to go to see if I can pick any new ideas up. It should be a good day. I got the information from the NGO website and have booked my place NGO Deer Branch | Introduction to tracking deer with dogs They are also holding...