1. Introduction DocJohn

    Hello! I’m a retired medic living in the Peak District. I’ve been deer stalking in South West Scotland for 25 years, but now see more Reds locally. We’re overrun by them, at times. I personally settled on 6.5 SE and 6.5-284, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg and I’m further ”burdened“ by my...
  2. Hello

    I don’t deer stalk but I do have dogs & horses . I love the majestic creatures but wouldn’t actively Stalk . I do have a stag’s head on my wall but he’s a Xmas feature that was never removed
  3. Dogs eating Cherries

    We have quite a nice ornamental cherry tree in the garden, this time of year it’s rammed with fruit. The fruit is bloody bitter so I don’t like them, but the labs do and make a bee line for it and hoover up what they can whenever there out. Could this be detrimental to there health in the long...
  4. Mowgli dog natural dog treats

    Admin’s sorry if this isn’t allowed: Thought I’d share this business, really good family run (by my wife) business selling natural dog treats ( no preservatives, no additives, no gluten, no grain). Www.mowgli Or on Facebook: Where there is...
  5. Sold: GWP x Labrador Pups

    German Wirehaired Pointer x Labrador pups available from 12th of February. 6 gone, 5 remaining: One black and white bitch One black and blue ticked dog Three black dogs (one all black, one with tiny white fleck on his chest, one with little white line on his chest) Both dam and sire are GWP x...
  6. GWP x Labrador

    Hello all, I was looking for some advice / info about GWP x Labrador crosses. They look like fantastic deer dogs. Has anyone got experience of them? Are they easy to train, good with young children (as a family dog) etc? Thanks in advance. Dan.
  7. New range of protective tracking apparel for dogs
  8. Dog Tracking Day - NGO

    The NGO are running a Dogs for Deer day in Berkshire in March - I am going to go to see if I can pick any new ideas up. It should be a good day. I got the information from the NGO website and have booked my place NGO Deer Branch | Introduction to tracking deer with dogs They are also holding...