1. Krabryn

    Wanted: Dorset - River Asker valley - Eggardon Hill Uploders Yondover Loders & Bradpole

    Would anyone on here who knows who has the stalking permission for this lovely area, kindly PM me? Thanks, K
  2. C

    DSC1 Greenfields, Dorset in June.

    Hello guys, my first ever post on these forums so I would like to start by saying hi to all. I have booked on to a DSC1 at the Greenfields in Dorset next month, and just had a couple of questions that the info provided by BASC didn't cover. Firstly, I am pretty new to stalking, and need proof...
  3. C

    Dorset Roe Pics.

    Was out walking in a field in Dorset & came across these 3 little beauties. Am very glad I had my camera with me. They allowed me to walk right across the field within 35 yards of them. They kept looking at me as if to say "Mmmmm I know something isn't quite right here but I don't know what...