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Forgive me if this isn't appropriate.

I am in need of a stalking scope and I'm willing to take someone out to shot a sika stag from a high seat for any scope that you have spare that holds zero to go on my .270

It would be from a high seat with me (double seats) you can shoot whatever size stag happens to come on the day. We would keep on going until you shoot one. You would keep the carcass too.
I can't guarantee a what size deer you will see first.
It's a small ground so only high seat suitable but Plenty of deer crossing by.

I am not a professional deer stalker and that's why I would like to trade instead taking a client for money.

Location = Dorset


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Nothing wrong with a bit of bartering
I work full time and have just spend lots of money and I bought new rifles . Is I buy spend any more money the mrs will literally kick me out as she promised Haha trust me the woman is crazy but she's also right