driven shoot

  1. Wanted: Game & Stalking Syndicates West Mids

    Can anyone provide any info or point me in the right direction for both a Game Shooting Syndicate and a Stalking Syndicate in the West Midlands. Looking to join a shoot potentially with my girlfriend and looking for a Stalking Syndicate that isn’t over saturated and well managed.
  2. Available: Hunt 68 Animals, 6 Hunting days, 4 Hunters, All included!

    Day 1: Arrive at Bloemfontein and transfer to lodge and hunting area. Lodge is 2 hour’s drive from airport. Day 2 and 3: Driven shoots on Springbuck from shooting positions other can be walk and stalk or positions, 40 x Springbuck, 4 x Blesbuck or 4 x Impala, 4 x Black Wildebeest 4 x Red...
  3. Making an introduction

    Hi there fellow shooters My name is Edward, I am based in South Yorkshire and I enjoy game shooting for wildfowl and birds - both driven and walked up. I have not been doing this for long but have had the pleasure of a few driven shoots I shoot with 12 gauge and 20 gauge, don't yet own my own...