Available: Driven Wild Boar Serbia Testomonial from Lateral

    Serbia Trip Pt.2 Driven Hunting .......... I'm out stalking, and get a message from my friend David, that his flights had been messed up, and instead of flying from Cardiff to Amsterdam, Amsterdam to Belgrade, he ended up flying Cardiff to Amsterdam, Amsterdam to Budapest, Budapest to Belgrade...
  2. TheCornishman

    Swap: Fancy a Quality Driven Game Day in Cornwall?

    Hi all, An opportunity to swap stalking for a cracking days Pheasant shooting as my guest on a long established syndicate. Based in mid Cornwall our freindly Shoot typically produces bags of between 50-100 head with birds for all abilities including some towering driven game. Our little...

    Available: Hungary 18 19 Jan 2019 Driven Wild Boar trip 2 days Hunting £1295

    2 Day Driven Wild Boar Hunt in one of the Best Areas in Hungary Budget trip to Hungary £1295 3 nights accommodation 2 days driven wild boar

    Available: Anybody want to Shoot Driven springbok next End May June 350 Rand each

    Hi anybody want to shoot driven Springbok in South Africa next year may -end June 2019 . I am paying 350 Rand each this year thats £20 each . We are organising a team for next year 2 South Africans me and 3-5 more required to make team 6-8 . We are looking to shoot 100 per gun over 3 or 4 days ...
  5. stalkinginengland

    Syndicate places and single guns for pheasant and partridge shooting 2016

    Good morning everyone! I have syndicate places available at our beautiful shoot in Suffolk, Little Glemham. This is for 3 days shooting each for 200 birds based on 9 guns spread out through the season. Please PM me for prices and dates or comment below and I shall contact you. Prices include...

    Running Boar and Deer Range practice available in Kemble ,Wales & Bisley Surrey Boar Range available in Kemble near Cirencester. Dates will Follow .Great Promatic Running Boar range right speed. Great practice . Groups of 3 or 4 guns at a time 1/2 Day £60 each. A morning on the Range will really make a difference to your...

    Available: MONTERIA SPAIN 3 Trips Available Nov 2015 Dec 2015 and Feb 2016 Driven Deer Boar

    Dropbox - Drone (1).wmv Click on the link for GO PRO DRONE FOOTAGE We are going on 3 Monterias in SPAIN next season . Last trip we shot 586 in 3 days between 25 ,25 ,and 31 Guns and amazing experience. If you own an estate in Spain for every 4000 hectars you have you can drive it...
  8. Virbius

    Available: Peg available for insured syndicate member

    Dear All, One of my regular Wednesday syndicate Guns has just had an operation on his hand and can't shoot with us this Wednesday 10th December. He has requested that we attempt to sell if for him, we will not make anything from this day. He will be happy with £500. 200-bird day, catered on...
  9. 2428 miles

    Is the 6.5x47 Lapua suitable for Boar?

    Hi all, I have been lucky enough to be invited driven Boar shooting. My question to you is: Is the 6.5x47 Lapua man enough for the job? I have the perfect rifle and scope set up for it, but have my reservations on the calibre's capability on Wild Boar. I will be using Hornady 129grain...
  10. Virbius

    Available: 2 pegs this Friday in Norfolk

    We have 2 pegs for this Friday on a 200-bird day at £680 per peg. This is a fully-catered day which includes tea and coffee on arrival, elevenses in the field consisting of hot-sausages cooked in honey and whole-grain mustard with a drink of sloe gin and fizz. Back to the shoot hut for lunch...
  11. Virbius

    Available: Driven Game Shooting on Norfolk Estates

    We currently have limited availability on our driven shoot on the following dates: Saturday 8th November, 200-birds at £733 per peg; Friday 21st November, 200-birds at £733 per peg; Friday 5th December, 250-birds at £916 per peg; Monday 22nd December, 200-birds at £733 per peg; Saturday 3rd...
  12. O

    Available: Short notice driven woodcock / snipe shooting

    A friend of mine organises this shoot and a space has become available this morning at short notice due to illness - the shoot is this coming Thursday 9th and Friday 10th January and takes place in North Wales, near Criccieth. £100/day and PUB LUNCH included in the price, a very wide selection...
  13. Virbius

    Available: Driven pheasant and partridge in Norfolk 4th and 6th December

    Hi, We have some availability on the following driven days: Wednesday 4th December, 200 birds fully catered at £720 per Gun, 4 pegs available; Friday 6th December, 150 birds fully catered at £540 per Gun, 5 pegs available. If you have any interest please do get in touch. Regards David
  14. Virbius

    Available: Late peg availability for driven game shooting

    We have the following availability on forthcoming driven shoots: Tuesday 19th November - 3 pegs on 200-bird day at £720 per Gun fully catered; Friday 22nd November - 3 pegs on 200-bird day at £720 per Gun fully catered; Tuesday 26th November - 3 pegs on 150-bird day at £540 per Gun fully...

    Available: Driven Wild Boar - Serbia 2014

    DRIVEN WILD BOAR - SERBIA 2015 Last few places available. RESULTS 105 BOAR SHOT TO 11 GUNS BRILLIANT TRIP We are now taking bookings for the 7th year of extremely successful Wild Boar trips that we have been running in Serbia. This is the best volume boar hunt available and is great value...

    Driven Wild Boar in Serbia

    Driven Wild Boar in Serbia We are now booking for 2014 after an extremely successful year. For more information please see link below. For dates, PM me. Available: Driven Wild Boar in Serbia - NOW BOOKING FOR 2013...
  17. 2428 miles

    Driven Boar Scope

    Afternoon all, I have been lucky enough to be invited on a driven boar shoot in Austria this winter. I am going to take my .30-06 and have developed a 180 grain load for it. I currently have a Zeiss 6-20x50 scope on-board so I’m looking for something more suitable. I have narrowed it down...

    Available: Driven Wild Boar in Serbia - NOW BOOKING FOR 2013

    DRIVEN WILD BOAR IN SERBIA We are now taking bookings for the 5th year of extremely successful Wild Boar trips that we have been running in Serbia.This is the best volume boar hunt available and is great value. LOCATION; The shooting takes place in 3 or 4 different areas of a massive...

    Available: Wild Boar Hunting in Serbia, December. 1 SPACE LEFT

    DRIVEN WILD BOAR IN SERBIA ONE SPACE LEFT Results from our last trip: Day 1; We shot 63 rounds and got 21 Boar. All 10 guns shot at least 1 boar. Day 2; 82 shots fired Day 3; 99 shots fired Total Boar shot; 55 Overall we had a great time! Cover was a bit thicker than normal due to...

    Available: Wild boar shooting high seat exmoor

    Got a few spaces for Wild Boar shooting on Exmoor £32.99 to book a evening if you go on the moon you can stay longer if required High Seat. £75 to the keeper on the night . Good sucess rate so far all have shot Boar.Trophy fee only £2.75va lb and you get to keep the Meat. Great for Sausages...