Swap: Fancy a Quality Driven Game Day in Cornwall?

The Lucky Hunter


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Hi all,

An opportunity to swap stalking for a cracking days Pheasant shooting as my guest on a long established syndicate.

Based in mid Cornwall our freindly Shoot typically produces bags of between 50-100 head with birds for all abilities including some towering driven game.

Our little syndicate shoot has been going for 20+yrs and has a lovely informal vibe but offers well organised drives & a good “crack” with great facilities.

Regularly visited by keepers from some of Cornwall’s most successful estates all of whom leave impressed by the quality of drives.

Possibility of partridge & duck + plenty of woodcock if conditions are right

Can recommend accommodation with local guest houses for someone looking to make wkd of it. Partners welcome to come & spectate

Looking to exchange quality UK stalking experiences

Please PM if you’d like to discuss
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