1. TheCornishman

    Swap: Fancy a Quality Driven Game Day in Cornwall?

    Hi all, An opportunity to swap stalking for a cracking days Pheasant shooting as my guest on a long established syndicate. Based in mid Cornwall our freindly Shoot typically produces bags of between 50-100 head with birds for all abilities including some towering driven game. Our little...
  2. S

    What length legs?

    Hi We are planning to use a few feed bins with battery operated spinners to feed a kibbled maize /wheat mix in one of our woods. I imagine that the spinner needs to be positioned above pheasant height. If so how high above the ground have others put them, and is there anything else we need to...
  3. stalkinginengland

    Game Shooting in Suffolk

    We have a number of days left for this coming season, for full teams, single guns and roving syndicates. We have 125,150 and 200 bird days. If you would like more information please comment below and I will PM you with all the information.
  4. S

    Quill nipple waterers

    Hi Is anybody using nipple waterers from Quill productions, and if so how do they get on with them please? I ask because I want to install a gravity fed watering system in our pen. Alternatively any views on bell waterers...
  5. stalkinginengland

    Pheasant and partridge shooting

    Some guns still available on dates this season. All dates are 200 bird days at £33 per bird. VAT, lunch, elevenses and tea and coffee are included in the price.Tuesday 1st December 1 guns availableThursday 31st December 4 guns availableThursday 21st January 4 guns availablePlease comment below...
  6. stalkinginengland

    Available: Glemham Hall Shoot, Guns Still Available

    The Shoot The 3600 acre Glemham Hall Shoot, historically run by the Cobbold family has for the first time been leased out. We are proud to have been chosen and given the opportunity to run this fantastic shoot in close conjunction with Major Hope-Cobbold. Set in the heart of the Suffolk...
  7. H

    Available: Syndicate Members

    Two guns available in driven pheasant, duck syndicate in Herefordshire Plenty of snipe, wild duck, geese and woodcock. 9 days shooting all Saturdays. 3000 pheasants, 300 duck. £2200 + £40 each shoot day towards beaters and pickers up Average bag 100+ birds
  8. Virbius

    Dispersal Auction - 28th February 2015

    Dear All, We are having a dispersal auction on Saturday 28th February 2015, further detail and a downloadable catalogue can be found on the following link: Mostly game rearing equipment, but there are a few sundry items that...
  9. Virbius

    Available: 2 pegs this Friday in Norfolk

    We have 2 pegs for this Friday on a 200-bird day at £680 per peg. This is a fully-catered day which includes tea and coffee on arrival, elevenses in the field consisting of hot-sausages cooked in honey and whole-grain mustard with a drink of sloe gin and fizz. Back to the shoot hut for lunch...
  10. Virbius

    Available: Last minute cancelled peg

    I have had a last minute cancelled peg for tomorrow, 200 bird day in Norfolk fully catered. Make me an offer by PM if you are interested.
  11. Virbius

    Available: Driven Game Shooting on Norfolk Estates

    We currently have limited availability on our driven shoot on the following dates: Saturday 8th November, 200-birds at £733 per peg; Friday 21st November, 200-birds at £733 per peg; Friday 5th December, 250-birds at £916 per peg; Monday 22nd December, 200-birds at £733 per peg; Saturday 3rd...
  12. W

    Available: Pheasant syndicate - Lockerbie area

    Good afternoon, We have places available on a friendly DIY pheasant shoot near Lockerbie for the coming season. We are planning to put 2000 birds to wood plus duck shooting and woodcock. The shoot is split into 2 teams and run a shoot 1 beat 1 basis through out the day. The shoot days are...
  13. Virbius

    Available: Driven pheasant and partridge in Norfolk 4th and 6th December

    Hi, We have some availability on the following driven days: Wednesday 4th December, 200 birds fully catered at £720 per Gun, 4 pegs available; Friday 6th December, 150 birds fully catered at £540 per Gun, 5 pegs available. If you have any interest please do get in touch. Regards David
  14. Virbius

    Available: Late peg availability for driven game shooting

    We have the following availability on forthcoming driven shoots: Tuesday 19th November - 3 pegs on 200-bird day at £720 per Gun fully catered; Friday 22nd November - 3 pegs on 200-bird day at £720 per Gun fully catered; Tuesday 26th November - 3 pegs on 150-bird day at £540 per Gun fully...
  15. Virbius

    Available: 250 bird driven day at Hargham & Quidenham, Norfolk Saturday 19th October

    We have availability on a 250 bird driven pheasant and partridge day on 19th Saturday October 2013. This is a fully catered day including tea & coffee on arrival, elevenses in the field after the second drive, two-course cooked lunch with wine and to finish tea & cake at the shoot lodge after...
  16. A

    Pheasant hunting in Bulgaria

    The best hunting period is from the end of September to the end of October. With package offer, which does not hide any further expenses and guarantees shooting success it is worth hunting in Bulgaria. Besides you enjoy excellent service and wonderful autumn nature in the hunting areas...