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Wil Board

Hi I am a keen shooter amongst other things Member of a Local Pheasant shoot and active member of various shooting clubs of various disciplines.
Have a variety of calibres I shoot with up to a .22 .17HMR. 22-250 270 308 Favourite gun is my Ltd edition Zoli 308 and my preferred weapon for wild boar.

Have a real passion for boar hunting having taken some decent size boar and will be looking to some driven hunting in 2020.
Keen to learn more from more experienced shooters and hunters as I believe your never to old to learn.

I do like the latest in technology and don't see anything wrong with progress, having said that I love the old style stuff as well.

Anyway looking forward to making even more shooting friends here.

Wil Board

Welcome to the site.

Thank you BC did not know this site even existed till Ade fromm British shooting services directed me here great forum on here I have to say seems like a lot of keen proper shooters.
Can anyone tell how to post Videos as I have tried but they cannot be seem got some great Boar and Deer Footage from My ATN Thor 4 thermal from the other night.
Thanks In Advance

bullet chucker

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If you ask on the 'Whats New' forum on here, I'm sure some one will direct you as to how, we are all keen to see the footage.

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