Available: Hungary 18 19 Jan 2019 Driven Wild Boar trip 2 days Hunting £1295

    2 Day Driven Wild Boar Hunt in one of the Best Areas in Hungary Budget trip to Hungary £1295 3 nights accommodation 2 days driven wild boar

    Available: SLOVAKI 4th Nov Driven Wild Boar 3 days

    We have a few spaces on a superb Slovakian open area (Full of Game ) hunt .I was there last year and saw lots of Boar and Red Deer.And i am going again this year in Nov and DEC yes its that good . Fantastic area cant wait to go back. This is a high volume Hunt. With great accommodation in a...
  3. R

    Wanted: Wild boar France (Stalking)

    Hi all, I am looking to book some wild boar stalking in SW France in September / October this year. Does anyone have any personal experience or recommendations for guides or outfitters? Some of the prices I am coming up with are eye-watering, and very much aimed at the luxury end of the market...
  4. TonyC

    For Sale: Blaser r93 straight pull rifle .308 calibre

    Complete with Ø Magazine (4 shot) Ø Pro success ambidextrous stock with sling points and tripod mount. Ø Moderator – DPT 30 cal (almost new) Ø 1-4 x 24 Konuspro-M30 red dot scope Ø Blaser QR scope mount with both 30 mm and 26mm rings Ø Blaser 2 barrel...

    Available: Last 2 Places Serbia 4,5,6,7 Dec 2017 100+ Driven Wild Boar £3599

    Last 2 places for our Dec Driven wild Boar trip Its our 12 th Year Shooting in Serbia but we shoot a lot of Driven Wild Boar ,4 Days hunting 2 lodges 4 hunting Grounds .2 New areas where its sandy ground so support big Tuskers. Teeth in great condition . More expensive than some trips but...
  6. O

    Available: High seat boar in Tuscany trip

    Tuscan Boar at Castello del Terriccio. Outside Days offers an exclusive package at Castello del Terriccio estate on the northern coast of Tuscany, with no trophy fees and no bag limits this package offers amazing value for money at £1500 per person Day 1 Arrive and transfer from Pisa...
  7. Virbius

    Sold: Swarovski Habicht PVI-2 1,25-4x24 SR Illuminated Rifle Scope

    Hi, I'm selling my Swarovski PVI-2 1,25-4x24 rifle scope, which has the Swarovski Rail mount. I bought this from MacLeod's 2 years ago for £950 and it's only been used on 1 boar hunting trip. It is in excellent condition, virtually as new. It has the illuminated CD reticule and comes boxed...

    Available: Driven Wild Boar Bulgaria Oct 10th - shoot Oct 11th/12th - £799 - 4 Guns Available

    Dont miss this great trip opportunity hunting Driven Wild Boar in Bulgaria, October 2016. Last year deal was 40 (boar for 10 guns £2200. 50 boar for 10 guns £2750. 74,500 hectares (of which 4,500 hectaries is fenced) approx 10,000 acres. This year you pay for what you shoot. Day 1 -...

    Driven wild boar book on line now at dec2016

  10. D

    Wanted: Syndicate Place 100 miles around Windsor

    Hello All I am looking for a syndicate place within 100 miles of Windsor for deer/boar shooting. I am DMQ lv2 qualified. I have lots of free time as I am retired and because I am retired the cheaper the better! Happy to answer all questions. Thanks a lot.

    Available: NOV 2015 DRIVEN WILD BOAR SERBIA Trip 1 shot 100 Boar to 10 guns

    Availability as 12Nov 29th NOV 1 space 2 day trip £1650 plus flight £250 SOLD OUT 1st DEC 2 day trip 4 spaces £1650 plus flight £250 SOLD OUT 29th NOV 4 day trip 2 spaces £3300 plus flight £300 SOLD OUT 15 Dec 4 day trip 2 spaces £3300 plus flight £300 2 SPACES SOLD 14/12/15 don't...
  12. A

    Sold: Baikal .30-06 SxS Double Rifle

    Selling my Baikal.30-06 side by side double rifle.....perfect condition....ideal woodland deer gun or a boar buster !!!! Used it myself with iron sights on fallow....groups well and point of impact is adjustable....see reviews on web... Reason for sale....i am left handed and changing my...

    Available: DRIVEN WILD BOAR SERBIA 2015 NOV DEC spaces Available COME TO SERBIA FOR DRIVEN WILD BOAR THIS NOV or DECEMBER 2105 NOV trip 1 and 2 full end of Nov 3 places DEC 4 places out of out of 126 places sold . DONT MISS OUT 2 day and 4 day trips available £1650 3 day and £3300 4 day . Boar count 2013, 91,55...
  14. 2428 miles

    Is the 6.5x47 Lapua suitable for Boar?

    Hi all, I have been lucky enough to be invited driven Boar shooting. My question to you is: Is the 6.5x47 Lapua man enough for the job? I have the perfect rifle and scope set up for it, but have my reservations on the calibre's capability on Wild Boar. I will be using Hornady 129grain...
  15. stalkinginengland

    October Boar Trip to Reims

    We saw some excellent animals and has an excellent time. More trips for January, February and March with a little availability. PM me for details.

    Available: Driven Wild Boar Romania

    Running a trip on Wed 19th November shoot 20 21 back 22 or 23 if required as extra day available. unfenced next to Hungarian Border 25 Boar over 2 days and they are BIG ONES . lunch in the forest and great Hotel .I went to check it out and its Good . pm me for more details and pictures .GOOD...
  17. S


    I have been reading Norbert Klups’ excellent book, ‘The Drilling’ and I noticed that several people on this forum use drillings and combination guns. Whilst the idea of having a shotgun and rifle available sound very useful, particularly for pest control (e.g. crow, pigeon, fox, rabbit etc), I...
  18. 2428 miles

    Driven Boar Scope

    Afternoon all, I have been lucky enough to be invited on a driven boar shoot in Austria this winter. I am going to take my .30-06 and have developed a 180 grain load for it. I currently have a Zeiss 6-20x50 scope on-board so I’m looking for something more suitable. I have narrowed it down...
  19. J

    Solway Boar

    Against my better judgment I braved the elements this weekend and ventured north for a crack at a Boar with my pal the Solway Stalker. Despite the terrible weather it was evident that the Boar had been feeding regularly at the high seat. Despite the low temperatures, the snow and freezing...