1. TheCornishman

    Professional Burger Machine....SWAP?

    Hey all, Surplus to requirement I have this cracking & under-used commercial Burger machine. Uses 100mm burger papers (or plastics) and is adjustable to produce different weight burgers. What have you got too swap?...anything you don’t use that I might? Trigger sticks/quad sticks...
  2. G

    Swap: Looking for Stalking (Deer& Fox) near Birmingham & Reading.

    I have just moved to Birmingham and I really want to get out at weekends. I have my own Rifles& Shotguns. I work in London and my brother lives in Reading so that would also work. I have any type of shooting in Aberdeenshire Scotland that I can swap (Duck, Goose, Roe, Red ( near Thurso)...
  3. TheCornishman

    Swap: Fancy a Quality Driven Game Day in Cornwall?

    Hi all, An opportunity to swap stalking for a cracking days Pheasant shooting as my guest on a long established syndicate. Based in mid Cornwall our freindly Shoot typically produces bags of between 50-100 head with birds for all abilities including some towering driven game. Our little...
  4. A1Decoy.co.uk

    Swap: Swap High Volume Driven Wild Boar for Red Stags or Pheasant Day

    Got upto 4 days driven Driven Wild Boar Shooting .Flying the 7th Dec shooting 8th 9th 10th 11th back 12th Dec.also 1 space flying 9th Dec shooting 10th 11th back 12th Dec . Cost £850 a day Would like to swap for Red Stag Hill Stalking , Don't mind reasonable steep but don't want to Die . For 2...
  5. dmouland

    Swap: Viht N140

    I have a full 1kg tub of Viht n140. Would like to swap for some .222 rounds ideally. Anyone looking to trade in East Sussex? I'm based nr Brighton.
  6. OISÍN

    Swap: 2012 John Deer gator fully loaded

    Posting this to see the interest and opinions, I have a John deer gator which I purchased new not getting used, it still has only 50 hours on the clock, it's the 855D with lots of extras, Warn winch, glass doors, heater, front and rear work lights, hydraulic tipper, front carry rack, snow...
  7. I

    Sold: For sale or swap. Warne 30mm medium rings for tikka action.

    For sale or swap One pair of warne Matt black 30mm medium rings to fit a tikka action. I bought these in error thinking that they would fit a weaver rail. £20.00 delivered or would swap for the same to fit a weaver rail. Photos on request.
  8. G

    Swap: Shooting

    Hi Chaps, I am all for buying and selling, however it is my opinion that more is to be gained in all respects by both sides when you can trade experiences with others. My situation is this; I live in Edinburgh where i have limited access to shooting, however where i am from in Aberdeenshire...