dsc1 shooting test

  1. Stalkers Day at Bisley - Similar Event without DSC1?

    Hi there, I just saw a post from 2017 from the NRA at Bisley, mentioning that there is a Stalkers Day event running on Fridays (after phoning up next one to be on the 1st of Friday of August, price now being £28). I was wondering if anybody know of a similar event to practice for the DSC1...
  2. DSC1 grants

    Hi does anyone know of any grants available for the DSC1 courses in the north of England
  3. DSC1 shooting test

    Just been out to the range to practice for the shootin test, never having to shoot seated or off sticks, but shooting regularly at 300 yards off a fixed bipod. 1. don't think I am going to have a problem off the sticks at 40m as I grouped them in touching holes almost. 2. Shouldn't have a...