fallow bucks

  1. D

    Fallow Buck Stands

    Hi, Just curious if anyone else has noticed yet. I was out walking about last night in one of my permissions woods and im pretty sure i saw what was the start of a buck stand. Thought this would have been a we touch early yet, given the ime of year and the heat, granted there has been a few...
  2. D

    First Fallow of the Season

    Hi Gents, Had a bit of luck yesterday. Was out stalking with my dad as we do must Saturday mornings once the season comes in. Started off a bit down beaten. Serious mist everywhere showing no real signs of lifting. Still carried on, kept ourselves out of wind where we suspected the deer to...
  3. E

    Fallow Bucks

    Looked out the window to see a couple of Fallow bucks squaring up to each other. They've put a rutting stand right in view of the kitchen window. Good show!
  4. BasilBeGone

    First Deer of the year but with a Jeep!

    Well this was not what i expected for my first post! At 6.55am on sunday morning, i was on my way up the A3400 to Chipping Norton to pick up a mate to go stalking. While passing the first Glympton turn a Fallow Pricket ran out in front of me and the Jeep took the full impact! :shock: So the...
  5. 50/50

    GAP 180 - Hertfordshire- Fallow cull

    Thanks to Paul & Alan and the rest of the lads at GAP 180 in Hertfordshire for a couple of entertaining stalks. Joined the Icelanders who were over for a weeks culling- good bunch of blokes. Managed to bag myself a nice fallow buck one evening as night fell, which is now with the taxidermist...