Fallow Buck Stands


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Just curious if anyone else has noticed yet. I was out walking about last night in one of my permissions woods and im pretty sure i saw what was the start of a buck stand. Thought this would have been a we touch early yet, given the ime of year and the heat, granted there has been a few cool damp mornings here in NI this last week.

I was at the same spot last week and there was no signs of anything like this there.

Would the bucks be starting to make their stands yet?

I set a trail cam up at it last night just to see if this was the case. Going back up on Saturday morning to collect it and see if this is infact the case.

Just wondering if anyone else has noticed any stands being made yet?

Yeah was thinking the same myself. Found it very odd to see it so early. Will be picking up the trailcam tomorrow morning or tonight. Tempted to get it tonight. But with me being around last night I'd say Saturday would be the better time, give things time to settle. Don't want to leave it too long. Other people shoot same perm, someone could easily lift it :(
Most stands will be in places that have been used for years and even though you may not see them outside the rut, the ground stinks and is easily recognisable to the deer. Younger animals try to move in early to secure them, but will soon be displaced to smaller 'satellite' stands around the main ones. Everything seems to be early this year so it is entirely possible that the bucks will be thinking about the rut already. We should get a few this weekend and it will be interesting to see if there are any early hormonal changes yet. We will be leaving them alone just prior to and during the rut as there is no point shooting them during this time.
Aye not a fan shooting them in the rut. Pure stinking. Even after I'd leave them alone. Not a pick to em afterwards. Just call it as a you get another year big man, unless we find an injured one or something.