1. Z

    Roe rut behaviour literature

    Hi all, After five blank outings on the trot in the last two weeks, I think I need some help! I seem to keep getting the weather/behaviour prediction/timing wrong. It has obviously been very hot and dry (until my Friday night/Saturday morning outings which really tested the waterproof) and...
  2. An Taín Hunting Outfitter

    Sold: Bavarian Mountain Hound x Traditional Irish Staff (Pups)

    (Ready 21st of June) £100 (£50 secures pup - via paypal). Parent Details: Sire - 2 1/2 yr old Bavarian Mountain Hound (tracking dog) Dam - 3 yr old Traditional Irish Staff (tracking dog) Sire, Dam and (sire) KC cert can be viewed on collection/viewing. Wormed fortnightly with Panacur...
  3. D

    Fallow Buck Stands

    Hi, Just curious if anyone else has noticed yet. I was out walking about last night in one of my permissions woods and im pretty sure i saw what was the start of a buck stand. Thought this would have been a we touch early yet, given the ime of year and the heat, granted there has been a few...
  4. L

    Roe buck / Sussex / 4th August

    I went out stalking on Friday 4th August. Great evening. Calling. Calling. Stayed on one patch in 3 positions. Not one deer in 2 1/2 hours. Moved to a patch 1/2 a mile away at last light and shot this one in the neck at 50 yards - coming in immediately to the call. Neck shot with my .243. I...
  5. A

    Trail cameras

    I'm a huge fan of trail cameras, a sort of hidden spy that can sit dormant for hours, days, weeks even months. I've been using them for the last 5 or 6 years, one thing I find incredible about them is you can put them in an area you frequently visit, and it will still turn up surprises, such as...
  6. E

    Fallow Bucks

    Looked out the window to see a couple of Fallow bucks squaring up to each other. They've put a rutting stand right in view of the kitchen window. Good show!
  7. nicowilson

    Have I seen my first rut?

    I was out early yesterday morning with the dog. It was before sunrise, so probably about 5.30am. I walked along the side of the field, feeling chuffed to bits as the dog was actually walking to heel. I look up, and about 150 metres away I see what I think is a roe doe in one of the entrances...
  8. Glen Cadwallader

    Available: Red Stag Stalking week - Caithness North Scotland in the RUT.

    Gentlemen, (Ladies most welcome also!) We are running a stalking week for 8 - 10 rifles in some of our forests in Caithness, the ground is split into 12 beats over 8000 acres with excellent stalking and over 20 high seats. The cost for the week is £500. Dates are as follows: Arrive Sunday...