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Hi all,

After five blank outings on the trot in the last two weeks, I think I need some help! I seem to keep getting the weather/behaviour prediction/timing wrong. It has obviously been very hot and dry (until my Friday night/Saturday morning outings which really tested the waterproof) and the rut doesn't really seem to have got going. Which books/articles are the best out there to help educate of what odd weather patterns will do to a rut/general deer behaviour. I know that it's not an exact science but I feel like my trial and error approach could be significantly improved!



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Not that it helps with the literature, although to be honest I prefer forums like this who have eyes on the ground, I was close by in Surrey last friday and saw three uncovered does in the woods with no sign of a buck.

Buttallo did nothing, so I don't think it hasn’t started yet, soon but not yet.


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The whole Roe rut varies greatly from area to area. Generally speaking in West Sussex the rut gets underway early August. In many areas its already underway, and Scotland always tends to be earlier I think.

If it gets really hot like the last week, you will find most rutting will be at night, or very early in the morning. If you are using a call, make sure you have the wind in your face, and not sky lined, a dark back ground is best (against a hedge or tree, sorry if I am stating the obvious to some). Call just a couple of times and then leave it for 15 to 20 minutes. You will be surprised how far away a buck will hear a call sometimes, if he has a doe with him he will be reluctant to come, if he hasn't he might come steaming in.

Good luck.
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Thanks both,

Much appreciated, as always. Turns out that I have also been far too impatient between calls! I have been waiting for about four or five mins!



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Ruts are so unpredictable and take my own experiences over anything written in a book.

Rut was non existent here even though i had been out near every evening last week,and all changed on Friday when high winds,rain,drop in temperature and pretty non stop thunder and lightening was going on and rutting started.
Been very poor weather since and yet been out morning and night and beasts are running everywhere and have had 6.

Every year is different for me but i dont think ive seen a weekend ever where everything on some places have started at once.


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Broke the bad run with this little five pointer. Nothing done particularly differently with the exception of less calling and maybe taking a bit more time moving. Entered a block of woodland at about 19:00 and this chap was about thirty metres away looking in my direction. Took about five minutes to get the rifle level with him!


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Out in Somerset Thursday, Friday & Monday Night and this morning. I had one Thursday and two this morning (after seeing 5) but the rut has not started here yet. Some very bold bucks in around in the night when we were after foxes Monday so any time now though :D
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