roe deer

  1. Krabryn

    Sold: RoeSafe

    Holds up to 4 roe. Some wear to rods but is recently professionally repaired and fundamentally sound with main zip fine. Comes in original zippered bag. £45 posted Mainland UK or collect £40 Colwyn Bay
  2. Z

    Roe rut behaviour literature

    Hi all, After five blank outings on the trot in the last two weeks, I think I need some help! I seem to keep getting the weather/behaviour prediction/timing wrong. It has obviously been very hot and dry (until my Friday night/Saturday morning outings which really tested the waterproof) and...
  3. J

    Waiting For aBuck

    Sometimes when sitting in the hide for a buck things get a little too close! First to come along was a doe, shortly followed by a kid who took more than a passing interest in the noise from the camera. No buck, but that's all the more reason to get out again
  4. G

    Available: Somerset Roe

    Roe buck stalking available. Walk and Stalk. High seat. DSC2 assessments All classes of buck in area starting at £75 Stalking fees £85/outing. Trophy Fees are £1/gram up to 500g of top skull without mandible. Additional wt in excess of 500g is charged at £9/gram. Weight will be determined 24...
  5. DJB266

    The cherry popper!

    So yesterday morning I finally got my first! After 3 stake outs in the high seat covering the field the farmer told me he regularly sees 9 roe in produced nothing both myself and my mate thought it was a lie! I had no deer! A glimpse sighting of some through a hedge on land I couldn’t shoot...
  6. Lukesterz

    A Scottish trip to remember - Part 1

    Back in November I happened to mention to the boss if he had any contacts in Scotland for hind shooting. Within an hour I had two days booked for the end of January, along with accomodation and the boat from Northern Ireland. The destination was Glen Clova. I had also mentioned to a Scottish...
  7. Girl_with_a_gun

    Liver Fluke in young roe

    Dear all Thought there hadn't been a gross out photo of liver fluke for a while. Young roe. Otherwise completely healthy, if a little low on kidney fat. No abnormal behaviour. May have put me off pate for a while...
  8. stalkinginengland

    Available: Roe bucks in Norfolk

    We have Norfolk roe stalking available near Banham, we also have red and muntjac there. We also have land in Suffolk with fallow and muntjac. £90 for a single stalk, £78 each for multiple stalks. Cull roe buck, up to 3 points £65 each, 4 points £140 each and 5-6 points £200+ depending on how...

    Wanted: Stalking Lease or Syndicate Place Gloucestershire or Wiltshire

    Hi Guys Looking for a Lease or Syndicate Place .Was on the Cornbury Estate Syndicate for 5 Years . Work with any Management Policy in Place . Leased Minal Estate Stalking previously. Looking for somewhere interesting. 1 to 6 stalkers to suit Ground. Roe Muntjack Fallow Have access to good...
  10. P

    New member near Grantham

    Hi my username is PrimeAl (Alan) and I live in a little village near Grantham Lincolnshire. I shoot on 3 farms locally covering about 450acres and run a number of shotgun syndicates and also shoot vermin and deer with rifles. Just completed my DSC1 and own a .17HMR for vermin and a .270 for...
  11. JRoe

    Available: Syndicate places - - Roe Stalking near Inverness.

    Stalking Syndicate places 1st April 2017 to 31st March 2018 I have Syndicate places available for unaccompanied Stalkers in the Carse of Ardersier near Inverness. 2,500 acres mixed forestry and arable. Roe Deer only. Price is £750 for one year or Standing order/direct debit of £70 per...
  12. M

    Roe skin tanning

    Hi there, So I had previously tried to tan a fallow skin and that didn't go so well( used vegetable oil method as substitute to brain tanning). I wanted to know if there might be someone around that does skin tanning ? It's a small roe doe and would like to make use of its skin. Thanks in...
  13. tjm160

    Sold: Roe Trophy Saw

    Selling Up. Roe Trophy Saw, just purchased from another member a few months back and still unused. £20 posted.
  14. nicowilson

    Have I seen my first rut?

    I was out early yesterday morning with the dog. It was before sunrise, so probably about 5.30am. I walked along the side of the field, feeling chuffed to bits as the dog was actually walking to heel. I look up, and about 150 metres away I see what I think is a roe doe in one of the entrances...
  15. HarrisonDeerServices

    Available: Roe Buck accompanied stalking - Devon

    Roe Buck accompanied stalking – Devon. Evening All. Thinking about your first Roe Buck or looking to get out in the beautiful summer evenings to maybe catch up with a good 6 pointer? For the next 4 months only I will be taking bookings for the Bucks here in Devon. Own rifle not required and...
  16. 3

    Aladdin slipper roe doe

    Hello, over the weekend I shot a very old roe doe, with aladdin slippers. How do you preserve the hoof? Ive kept them for records. Teeth extremely worn down indicating 8yrs+. She was suffering in a stooped gait, splayed legs and gingerley walking to a feeder. Havitual grain feeder wjth marks...

    Available: Accompanied Roe Deer Stalking in Aberdeenshire, Scotland

    Accompanied Roe Deer Stalking in Aberdeenshire, Scotland Places available for the Roe doe season, commencing 21stOctober 2015. Located near Dunecht, approximately 15 miles West of Aberdeen, Roe deer stalking will take place on over 3000 acres of mixed agricultural & forestry grounds in...
  18. stalkinginengland

    For Sale: Deer Stalking Equipment

    We have a lot of roe stalking equipment in our online shop. All prices include VAT. Light weight folding gambrel - £16.00 Light Weight Folding Gambrel ideal for Red Deer, Sika, Fallow, Roe, CWD & Muntjac. 10mm diameter stainless steel bar 14" point to point Weight 550gms Perfect for suspended...
  19. M

    Deer behaviour questions (red and roe)

    So, here are a couple of questions about deer behaviour, stemming from two things that puzzled me over the last season... plus my guesses (never know, I might have hit the mark). Would be very interested to hear what people think. 1. Roe - why do they sometimes bark when they spot you and...
  20. H

    Available: Stalking in Herefordshire

    Plenty of nice muntjac bucks about and good roe bucks available. £60 per outing. If two stalks done, one in morning and one in evening, then pigeon shooting free during the day after breakfast (provided) or get your head down before evening stalk, large summerhouse with bed provided! If...