New member near Grantham


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Hi my username is PrimeAl (Alan) and I live in a little village near Grantham Lincolnshire. I shoot on 3 farms locally covering about 450acres and run a number of shotgun syndicates and also shoot vermin and deer with rifles.

Just completed my DSC1 and own a .17HMR for vermin and a .270 for deer.

Deer species for cull management on my permission include Muntjac and Fallow with Fallow being the biggest problem and some large herds. Pretty much all of my shooting is from high chair given the topology of the land and proximity to roads.

Due to various commitments didn't get going till after Christmas last year so only 10 culled this year so far (with this week left for a few more bucks hopefully!)

Question for the forum - I'm told their is Roe in this area but I've never seen any on my patch anyone else nearby?