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  1. A1Decoy.co.uk

    Available: 25th OCT Fallow Ruth Special 6 guns Big Estate near Hereford

  2. D

    Prickets. Do or Dont? - first year actual management plans

    I've a fair bit of land up around auchnacloy where i shoot here in n.ireland. We have primarily Fallow running through it, randomly get the odd red comes onto it now and again but not too often. I'm just sort of thinking about the later on years. At the moment i know of at least 4-8 good...
  3. P

    New member near Grantham

    Hi my username is PrimeAl (Alan) and I live in a little village near Grantham Lincolnshire. I shoot on 3 farms locally covering about 450acres and run a number of shotgun syndicates and also shoot vermin and deer with rifles. Just completed my DSC1 and own a .17HMR for vermin and a .270 for...
  4. D

    Introduction (Northern Ireland)

    Hello, Where do you start. 29, From Northern Ireland. Always had an interest in deer stalking from a young age, being out with my dad creeping about the forests at stupid o clock in the morning. (still out at stupid o clock - 4:30am left the house at last saturday :cuckoo:) Had an excellent...
  5. A1Decoy.co.uk

    Available: Gold Medal Fallow Stalking Cqech Republic 150€

    GOLD MEDAL FALLOW DEER CZECH REPUBLIC Stalking any 2-3 days between 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th 7th October 150 euro a day Area is 9000 hectares 180 cic points 1600E + 1 p cic is 100E 200 cic points 3600E + 1p point cic 150E Flight easy jet Gatwick or Bristol £80 or £200 ish with bag and Gun return...
  6. HarrisonDeerServices

    Available: Guilded Fallow Stalking - Devon

    Ross is the latest client to cull his first deer. Very accurate shot from quad sticks taking the beast broadside on. Hoping to post his story and feedback shortly. Stalking fees Prices shown are per animal £75.00 per person (approx 2-3 hours) to shoot one...
  7. E

    Hello all

    Hello all and Happy New Year. I'm new to deer stalking and looking to learn as much as I can. I've done my DSC1 as I thought it would be a good move. I'd like to get the DSC2 done this year. Also, looking to get as much practical experience as I can so any ideas would be greatly appreciated...
  8. stalkinginengland

    For Sale: Deer Stalking Equipment

    We have a lot of roe stalking equipment in our online shop. All prices include VAT. Light weight folding gambrel - £16.00 Light Weight Folding Gambrel ideal for Red Deer, Sika, Fallow, Roe, CWD & Muntjac. 10mm diameter stainless steel bar 14" point to point Weight 550gms Perfect for suspended...
  9. RuralLondoner

    Fallow responding to muntjac alarm

    Hi all, Just thought I'd pass on an experience from the other morning. I was out creeping around looking for muntjac when I came across a fallow doe feeding happily on a ride. As I often do when I come across deer out of season, I just settled down to watch her and enjoy the moment. She was...
  10. Evillemon

    A great weekend in West Sussex

    This weekend i have been down in Horsham in West Sussex attempting to pick up my first fallow buck. Drove down early Saturday afternoon with my shooting buddy Chris and made our way over to meet Malcolm and a couple of other stalking directory lads Ricky and Les. After a few cups of tea and a...
  11. pasky

    Small Herd of Fallow through the scope

    Small herd of fallow through my Nightforce at 32x. They weren't on mine unfortunately, so couldn't stalk into them. Google earth said they were 1550 yards away!
  12. V

    Available: Roe, Fallow and Muntjac Stalking in North Hampshire

    Venantium Sporting looks after and manages 3,800 acres of ground in North Hampshire. We are able to offer stalking for Roe, Fallow and Muntjac. For further info please email Richard at info@venantium.com.
  13. Evillemon

    Wanted: Recomendations for Fallow or Roe stalking somewhere near to Wiltshire?

    Can any of you recommend somewhere i can book some Roe or Fallow stalking over near Wiltshire / Stonehenge. Would like to try for a medal buck for my 30th next spring and the Mrs wants to go stone henge, thought i might be able to tie the two up and keep her sweet that way ! :) recommendations...
  14. A

    Available: Offer for stalk hunting for red deer in BG

    Offer for stalk hunting for red deer Includes: 5 night stays and 4 hunting days; One red deer trophy up to 6 kg. Prices: 1 hunter - € 2600, additional hunting day - € 250; 2 hunters - € 2400, additional hunting day - € 220. For persons accompanying hunters - € 590, additional...
  15. suburban bushwacker

    Fallow Doe in East Sussex

    Last week I was stalking with another blogger and SD member (Bashing Bambi) in the woodlands of E. Sussex and after a relaxing but unproductive dawn-watch in a high seat we were lucky enough to bushwhack this little lady, in fact we got on so well she's now living in my freezer! He has some...
  16. 50/50

    GAP 180 - Hertfordshire

    Just wanted to say thanks to Paul and Alan at GAP 180 in Hertfordshire for a great weekends stalking. My first time on fallow and I got a couple of young healthy cull bucks on my 1st mornings outing, which are going home for the freezer. Saw a lot of deer and two good size trophy bucks on...