muntjac deer

  1. Cawdor118

    Sold: Stuart Mitchell Muntjac Knife

    75mm blade stainless blade Great condition Green leather sheath Micarta handle 160GBP Private Message me for contact details.
  2. S

    The Complete Package

    Last November a mate and I had arranged a weekend stalking in Bedfordshire, our hope was either a CWD or Muntjac buck, we had arranged the weekend with Jason from Jason had booked us in to the local B&B which was excellent, this was next door to the local pub which was also...
  3. adrianevo

    Muntjac at GAP180

    Munty buck GAP 180

    Wanted: Stalking Lease or Syndicate Place Gloucestershire or Wiltshire

    Hi Guys Looking for a Lease or Syndicate Place .Was on the Cornbury Estate Syndicate for 5 Years . Work with any Management Policy in Place . Leased Minal Estate Stalking previously. Looking for somewhere interesting. 1 to 6 stalkers to suit Ground. Roe Muntjack Fallow Have access to good...
  5. P

    New member near Grantham

    Hi my username is PrimeAl (Alan) and I live in a little village near Grantham Lincolnshire. I shoot on 3 farms locally covering about 450acres and run a number of shotgun syndicates and also shoot vermin and deer with rifles. Just completed my DSC1 and own a .17HMR for vermin and a .270 for...
  6. RuralLondoner

    Mega Muntjack - No Knob!

    Mega Muntjac - No Knob! Guys, I thought you might all find this interesting. I shot this cracking muntjac buck this evening. Went to gralloch him and noticed that he had balls but no cock! There didn't seem to be any scarring or trauma so I can only assume that it was congenital. Has anyone...
  7. M

    Muntjac buck head /wild boar tusks

    Hi everybody, I am looking for an exchange of a Muntjac Buck head (no skull) (yours) against 6 full pair of nice wild boar tusks on shield (mine). It doen't need to be a medal :-D, but as long as the the antlers and tusks are well visible. Anyone interested? Shipping to Brussels. Thanks
  8. RuralLondoner

    Munties on the M40/M25 Junction

    Has anyone else noticed a pair of Muntjac that seen to be constantly out on the motorway embankment on the M40 at the M25 junction? I've seen them twice now and last time managed this (slightly risky) picture - you can just see one at the top of the photo. I only ask as it drives me spare when...
  9. stalkinginengland

    For Sale: Deer Stalking Equipment

    We have a lot of roe stalking equipment in our online shop. All prices include VAT. Light weight folding gambrel - £16.00 Light Weight Folding Gambrel ideal for Red Deer, Sika, Fallow, Roe, CWD & Muntjac. 10mm diameter stainless steel bar 14" point to point Weight 550gms Perfect for suspended...
  10. RuralLondoner

    Fallow responding to muntjac alarm

    Hi all, Just thought I'd pass on an experience from the other morning. I was out creeping around looking for muntjac when I came across a fallow doe feeding happily on a ride. As I often do when I come across deer out of season, I just settled down to watch her and enjoy the moment. She was...
  11. H

    Available: Stalking in Herefordshire

    Plenty of nice muntjac bucks about and good roe bucks available. £60 per outing. If two stalks done, one in morning and one in evening, then pigeon shooting free during the day after breakfast (provided) or get your head down before evening stalk, large summerhouse with bed provided! If...
  12. T

    Wanted: Muntjac stalking wanted

    Wanted muntjac stalking for September / October Will got up to £150 for stalk , have £50 available for deposit . Will pay up to £60 per beast to a maximum of 5 , no medals wanted , what hat have you got to offer closer to South Wales the better :)
  13. Laurielexus

    Feeding Muntjac

    I have recently acquired some new land very close to a local wood and there are a good few muntjac about. I have put up a high seat in a safe location and also a trail cam out to see what is about. I captured a few nice pics of a buck but he is following a hedge line down not really safe enough...
  14. B

    First roe and muntjac, plus over firsts.

    Been meaning to do this for a while; to post about the Stalking scheme BASC does at the King's Forest, Thetford. Having been stalking various times with my grandad as he shot, and only having taken one red stag previously in Scotland for my 18th birthday a few years back, I consider myself a...
  15. N

    Available: Place in an Oxfordshire Syndicate

    Really sorry everyone - had no idea how much interest this would generate. Just goes to show that there are plenty of well qualified, high quality guys out there looking for stalking. I tried to PM everyone back individually but the site is quite strict about sending messages out on mass so...
  16. V

    Available: Roe, Fallow and Muntjac Stalking in North Hampshire

    Venantium Sporting looks after and manages 3,800 acres of ground in North Hampshire. We are able to offer stalking for Roe, Fallow and Muntjac. For further info please email Richard at
  17. Bof

    Wanted: Muntjac stalking

    I would be interested in Muntjacs (stalking or high seats). We would be 2 hunters (one from France and one from Belgium). We are NOT looking for gold level trophies, but we are rather looking for a new experience (and a souvenir from that experience). We would be able to move to UK for a...
  18. Evillemon

    Best Muntjac deer managment stratergy pls ?

    Alright lads, Recently i acquired my first bit of shooting land which has proved to have muntjacs on it. I am very happy about this as until now all the (limited) stalking ive done has been paid weekend trips. I recently shot a heavily pregnant doe muntjac which was the first ive taken on...
  19. minikeeper

    muntjac trouble

    hi , im new to stalking and have been spending alot of time lately trying to shoot muntjac in some of the woods on our farm. however , it seems that no matter how much time i put in i never have any success eaven though there are numerous munjac in the woods :suss: ,i know by the amount of...
  20. H

    Intro New Forum Member

    Hello, this is just a quick introduction. I am a German-born London-based hunter/shooter. I have been based in the UK for 13 years now, running a design studio. In Germany, I grew up a forester's son and have been hunting/shooting properly with friends and family (mostly with a forestry...