Roe buck / Sussex / 4th August


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I went out stalking on Friday 4th August. Great evening. Calling. Calling. Stayed on one patch in 3 positions. Not one deer in 2 1/2 hours. Moved to a patch 1/2 a mile away at last light and shot this one in the neck at 50 yards - coming in immediately to the call. Neck shot with my .243.

I think it's funny that we all seem to get fixated with debating / carrying a myriad of calls these days. To me - they're either coming in to the call/any call... or they ain't.

Cleaning up the head the following day - I found a shot gun pellet from poaching - right beside an eye socket. Just one pellet seen. It must have been at such a distance. Little/no chance of a kill. Plain cruel.

Good luck with your shooting all. Be safe out there.


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